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Welcome to the first guest post on the blog. Today my podcast co host talks about painting his Age of Sigmar Disciples of Tzeentch army. Elliot, over to you...

A couple of weeks ago, the weekend of the 14th of April, I went along to the Age Of Sigmar Heat 2 tournament with my longtime fellow tournament goer Binx.
As Warhammer World tournaments go, it was brilliant, the opportunity to play 5 games of AoS at the Mecca of the hobby is always a pleasure, with free entry to the exhibit included in the price of the ticket too, if you haven’t been to a tournament at Warhammer World I would highly recommend it.....the food ain’t bad either!

Games wise, I only managed 2 wins out of 5, which was a tad disappointing, but it was the first tournament with my Disciples of Tzeentch army. I am comprehensively putting to bed the theory that Tzeentch are a easy competitive army.

The absolute highlight of the tournament for me, was my army being nominated for best painted, I was one of only 12 armies out of 91, to say I was surprised was an understatement!

I have painted around 2500 points worth of Tzeentch, and they have taken me a little over a year to get done, there are some notoriously detailed models in the range, the Tzangors and Skyfires being particular standout, and I really wanted to give them my best shot, I don’t consider myself anymore than a decent tabletop standard painter, but when I started the army I really wanted to give them my all, trying new things and techniques along the way.  I even went so far as to buy some new brushes, historically I have just used the stock GW brushes, and I always thought they were fine, however I treated myself to some brushes from Broken Toad, and the difference between them and the GW ones are night and day, I haven’t used a GW brush since.
I also planned which paints I was going to buy, I watched and read tutorials from Duncan, and Tyler Mengel, once all the prep was done I got started.

I started simple, painting the Gaunt Summoner, once I was done, I went on and did my first unit of Pink Horrors, they are great to paint and so full of personality.
Then onto the Tzangors and Skyfires, as I said earlier, they are very time consuming to paint (well) as there is so much detail that I didn’t want to miss, so it did take me some time to get them done to a standard I was happy with.
I then did my Lord Of Change, as the centre piece for my army i really wanted this to stand out; I followed large parts of Duncan's Warhammer TV video tutorial, but added some of my bits along the way. To date, this is probably the model I’m most proud of, as it came out really well.
One of the biggest lifesaver while painting this army was the GW gem paints, with so many gems on almost every model, these paints saved me god knows how much time.

One of the things that I struggle most with when painting is finding a decent basing scheme, and whilst the basing I did for this army wasn’t exactly revolutionary, I did get some great little resin crystals from green stuff world, a coat of ardcoat and it really gives them a bit more of a magic feel.

This army took me longer than any other army has taken me, lots of late nights/early morning paint sessions, particularly a few days before the event, any painter worth his salt knows how that feels, once it was done, I was really proud, it looked good on the table, a few guys from  club commented on it. When I took it to Heat 2, it began to get a lot of attention, from my opponents and the staff at the event, which was a great confidence boost, but to get nominated, it makes all the hours, late nights, worth it, the feeling of accomplishment, and the fact that painters that I really look up to were commenting on it, made me so proud.

I didn’t win best painted overall, and not did I ever expect to, but a certificate for nomination is a win for me. I look forward to getting this army out on the table at some local events and hopefully it will continue to get admiration.
The nomination has really given me the drive to push on and continue to push my painting standards as far as I can. 40k thousand sons next for me, and who knows, maybe another nomination!?

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