GW 40K GT Heat 3 preview: part four

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Welcome to the final day of my quick look at my look at the Tyranid army I am taking the Warhammer 40,000 Grand Tournament Heat 3

Over the last three days I have looked at the army list, psychic powers and biomorphs, today is all about my hopes, fears and expectations for the weekend.

I’ve not been to any competitive 40k tournaments, so have no idea what it will be like or how I’ll fair, it really is a step in to the unknown. If it is anything like the Age of Sigmar Tournaments I’ve been to then it will be great fun, but we’ll have to wait and find out.


With nothing to really gauge my expectations against its hard to really give a realistic number on how many games I think I could win. I won’t be happy if I don’t win any, so am realistically hoping for two wins out of the five games. Any more than that and I’ll be extremely happy. I may get a sense of how the weekend may go after the first game, but as it’s a random draw for the first game, it may take until the end of day one before I get a real sense of whether competitive 40k is for me.


My worst fear is that I have five rubbish games where I am out of my league. I doubt this will happen, and although losing all five would be a rubbish weekend, if they are fun close games, this won’t be as bad as it could be.


I know Warhammer world is a great venue and the events run there are always good fun, so I fully expect the weekend to be great. I’ve been in the museum twice in the last year or so, but going with someone who hasn’t been before is always great.

Hopefully I’ll see some hobby ‘celebs’ and if I’m really lucky, maybe I’ll get to play on TV again.

Wish me luck and I’ll be back on the 26th February with a week of ups, downs and crazy stories of my first competitive 40k tournament.

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