GW 40K GT Heat 3 preview: part two

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Welcome to day two of my quick look the Tyranid force I will be taking to the Warhammer 40,000 Grand Tournament Heat 3 on the 17th and 18th of February. Once I have returned from the event I’ll post a much more in depth review of the event.

Yesterday I looked at the list I’ll be taking. Today it’s the Psychic powers I have chosen, to complement their ability to Smite to opposition into submission.

My Hive Tyrant has The Horror, to debuff any units he feels may be a threat in the shooting or close combat phase, as well as Onslaught, to allow him to get one of this fellow big beasties to join him in smashing any enemy that think they are out of range of the Tyranid claws.

My Broodlord has Catalyst which he’ll be mainly projecting on to his fellow Genestealers, giving them a 5+ invulnerable save, followed up by a 5+ save against all wounds caused.

My Zoanthropes have Onslaught. When they’re not decimating units with their improved Smite, they will be boosting friendly advancing units, allowing them to charge after they have run those few extra inches.

My Maleceptor has Psychic Scream. I have chosen this as it is essentially another Smite, and with the Maleceptor’s +1 to cast, it will be unleashed on a 4+. This power will add another D3 mortal wounds, with the bonus of stripping an enemy psyker of a spell if I happen to stumble into one on the battlefield.

Tomorrow , I’ll be looking at all the biomorphs I have grown on my Hive Fleet

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