Happy Papa Nurgle day

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As its Fathers day, what better way to celebrate it than a post about everyone's favourite dad, Papa Nurgle himself.

I rebased most of my Nurgle Daemons some time ago, and then bought some more models with the hope of getting them to 100 SCGT pool points.
With an official points system not far away, I'm not looking to add anything more to my collection just yet, but once they are available, I'll have a better idea of what I will need to 'finish' my Nurgle. Will it be some Beastmen, Skaven or Warriors of Chaos? Who Knows.

WP_20160619_008 1

Above is my current force, consisting of a Herald, 40 Plaguebearers, 6 bases of Nurglings, 2 Beasts, 6 Plague Drones and Epidemius.

The final model to add, which would give me 70 SCGT pools is my Great Unclean One.I'm using the Glottkin model for this and have added a crown of Nurglings on his head.

WP_20160618_004 1

Once I clippered off a lot of thier bases, and glued them on to the Glottkins head, I had to blend them into his head.
I am pretty confident when filling in gaps with green stuff, but actually sculpting with it, that's something different. That said I'm very happy with what I've managed to do.

Firstly I filled in all the gaps, then smoothed it all out. I made some balls of Green stuff, which I then cut in half to create the boils on his head. Finally using using liquid green stuff to blend in the boils.


The usual problem with sculpting that I find is what looks good when green , doesn't usually translate so well when it is painted. But after undercoating my handiwork I'm very happy with how it has turned out, and I don't think you'd know that it wasn't the original sculpt.


So here is the big guy in full, ready for me to apply some paint to. I know its not going to be easy to make him look good, but wish me luck and I'll see you when he's done!

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