Warhammer 40,000 GT Tyranids: HQs

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This week I am going to look at my current, chances are it’s going to change, Tyranid list that I’ll be taking to Heat 3 of the Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 Grand Tournament in February.

I’ve had a few games with Tyranids pre codex, but haven’t had chance to get them on the battlefield since this new book has come out. Things may change once I have a game, however, as my list uses the majority of my painted Tyranids, unless I find some gaping hole that needs filling, this will probably be it.

Unless of course I change armies completely… The Chaos Daemon book may be out in time you know!

With each of my selections there will be a hyper link to Triple Helix Wargaming, where you can pick up the described miniature with a great 25% discount off RRP*

Anyway today I will be looking at the HQ choices in my list:

Flying Hive Tyrant:

My Hive Tyrant is armed with Monstrous Scything Talons and Monstrous Bonesword & Lash Whip (a reoccurring theme as you’ll see) With the increase in toughness from the Index and a better Invulnerable save, this guy should be able to cause a lot of issues. In the few games I have played with him using the inferior Index rules, he has been able to withstand 99% of an Adeptus Militarum shooting phase before eventually going down to a Ratling Sniper.

With his increased survivability and the new Swooping Assault ability allowing itto drop into the enemy lines my Hive Tyrant should be causing even more damage to my opponents.

I have a custom paint scheme for my Hive Fleet so I have decided to adopt the special rules and traits associated with Hive Fleet Kraken as they most suit the close combat nature of my army. I am also able to give my Warlord the Bio-Artifact Chameleonic Mutation making it -1 to hit and Adaptive Biology to reduce the damage taken after a wound is inflicted. He's even more survivable now, although he’ll probably die turn one knowing my luck!

Brood Lord:

The Brood Lord is a combat monster, and with some of the new psychic powers he is now even better at supporting the Genestealers I also have in my force. If I manage to get all 16 of my Genestealers in to combat, I’ll be rolling 64 dice, hitting on 2's! I’m going to need a bigger bucket to store my dice!

With the Hive Fleet Kraken ability allowing units to roll 3D6 and pick the highest for advancing, there should be no reason why the Brood Lord doesn’t make it in to combat when and where I want him.

I intend to give the Broodlord the Catalyst psychic power to increase the Genestealers survivability with the bonus 5+ save against wounds caused

Tyranid Prime:

The Tyranid Prime, similarly to the Brood Lord is a great buff piece in my force, hanging around the Tyranid Warriors in order to give them +1 to hit from his Alpha Warrior ability.

Unlike his brothers, my Prime is armed with Scything talons and Rending Claws, mainly due to the spare bits I was able to find in my bits box as opposed to a conscious tactical decision. This does help differentiate him from the other Tyranids though!

The plan with the Prime is to hang around behind a couple of Tyranid Warrior units providing bonuses, before joining them in combat. Again the ability to roll 3D6 when Advancing means that they will hopefully make it across the battlefield more reliably.


I have two Neurothropes, using the index rules they were the fourth member of my Zoanthrope units, giving the bonus to the Smite psychic power. The codex changed them to a HQ choice, and so they have sadly been dropped from my list at the moment.

Their ability to provide re-rolls of one when casting psychic powers is very good, as is the ability to heal after a successful Smite. These guys may make a return after I’ve had a couple of games, but at present they will be staying in the cabinet.


*Just so you know, i’m not getting paid to promote Triple Helix, but will hopefully receive some reinforcements for my Death Guard army for recommending them to you. You can see my previous review of their website HERE

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