Hobby ‘Celebs’ II: Amy Snuggs part 1

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Welcome to the second of my Hobby 'Celebs' series. This week featuring Amy Snuggs. Amy hasn't been in to the hobby that long but has already had her miniatures appear in White Dwarf, played on Warhammer TV and earnt a Golden Demon finalist pin.

The first question I asked Amy was:

Do you have a miniature that you have painted or converted that you're particulay proud of and like to show off?

The miniature I am most proud of is my Belisarius Cawl of my Adeptus Mechanicus army. At first I was daunted at the task of painting such an incredibly detailed miniature, everywhere you look there’s something interesting. I was also particularly daunted at the thought of so many fiddly parts to reach as it quite a complex miniature. I think the thing which made me feel better about painting it was Duncan’s video on Warhammer TV and how easy he shows it can be painted in sub-assemblies. Generally I don’t like sub-assemblies as I don’t like gluing a model together after it’s painted, however this sub-assembly seemed vital for making the model accessible to paint. I had already painted a small section of my Adeptus Mechanicus army and wanted a leader painted to go with them, what better leader than Cawl himself?

I painted Cawl over a span of about 10 days, and I painted him in three sub-assemblies; upper body, legs and axe arm. My Adeptus Mechanicus army is painted in a mainly cream with red colour scheme, however I felt that Cawl is Cawl and therefore should only be painted how he is portrayed in the story. Therefore I painted Cawl in the traditional Mars colour scheme. I really enjoyed this as I love painting red, and painting his cloak was my favourite part of the whole miniature. I really enjoyed painting the deep red, developing the shadows with glazes and highlighting and adding texture to the cloak too.

Overall, I think Cawl is my favourite model I have painted because I feel it is technically the best work I’ve done, I’m happy with every aspect on it and I’m proud I was able to overcome that initial hurdle of feeling daunted about painting him. In the end he was a real joy to paint and I’m incredibly happy with the end result!

Amy can be found on twitter at @amysnuggs7 and on Instagram at amysnuggs

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