Hobby ‘Celebs’ II: Amy Snuggs part 2

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Today is part two of Amy Snuggs week, where she answers some questions about her hobby. Todays questions is:

Do you have one bit of hobby advice you could share, be it a painting or converting tip or cheat?

I think there are lots of useful hints and tips about the hobby already out there on various outlets, YouTube, Twitter, etc. I would recommend anyone wanting to improve their hobby to look out and surround themselves with other hobbyists, watch videos, read tutorials and theory, and there is plenty out there for the budding hobbyist. The best advice I think I could give is possibly related to hobby motivation.

We live in such busy lives with lots of competing demands for our attention; I am very guilty of being sidetracked by other hobbies and end up with a large pile of unpainted models on my desk. I personally go through phases of being very excited about the hobby and painting a lot, however sometimes I go through periods of being interested in something completely different. In the end I think this is healthy, as at the end of the day this is a hobby and shouldn’t feel like a chore. I’ve often felt guilty that I’ve not painted in a while, but I know I’ll come back to it. Unless you’re painting for a specific deadline, there’s no rush. I’ve had a lot of people ask me where I find the time to paint too, and often the best answer is to try do something little every day or every other day, and often the productivity comes with that. I’ve found that if I’ve not painted for a few days or weeks it’s hard to get back into it, but often when I finally do I remember the passion I have for it and I’m painting all the time again.

Playing games also helps a lot too, and I’ve also found I get very motivated sharing my work online. Hearing from other hobbyists and seeing other people’s work is also very motivating, so I would encourage you to share your work online, there is a large community out there of incredibly friendly, supportive people. In the end the best advice is just to have fun and do whatever fits you best!


Amy can be found on twitter at @amysnuggs7 and on Instagram at amysnuggs

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