Hobby ‘Celebs’ II: Amy Snuggs part 3

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Welcome to part three of the second ever Hobby 'Celeb' week on my blog. This week focuses on Amy Snuggs. Today's question is:

Tell me about when you were on Warhammer TV? How was the experience? Was it what you expected? Would you do it again?

Appearing on Warhammer TV was a really fun experience; it was an honour to be asked to appear to showcase our armies, as we’re not really known for gaming. I went with my partner, Tim who took his Nighthaunt army and I took my Seraphon.

In terms of preparation we didn’t really do anything else but design the army lists, as we already had our armies painted. I’m not a particularly competitive player, and so I just picked a handful of units from my large Seraphon army, mainly units I am happy with how they look painted and units I hadn’t used a lot of, I wanted a variety of different units to showcase different parts of the army. Tim’s army was more competitive as he had built it that way, whereas my Seraphon project was a paint one of everything kind of thing. It was what we expected, and was a great experience and we had a lot of fun!

The game was really fun, and although seemed quite one-sided in favour of Tim’s Nighthaunt came down to a very close finish one which I could have won the game if I’d released to retreat my Skinks onto the objective. This comes down to experience, and if I had played my Seraphon more in the past I may have seen this, but it was all for fun and we still had a really great afternoon!

We have watched it back yes, which was weird seeing ourselves on the telly but it was lovely to see all the positive comments and compliments from Duncan and Rob on the standard of our painting, which really is why we wanted to go on to showcase our armies. I remember a few comments on Facebook regarding the list I had taken as being not very good, which I fully agree with but the point was that it wasn’t meant to be good, it was a mish mash of different units in my army and my idea was to feature as many different things on the stream as possible. It was also more fun for me to play with a variety of different models, and also to give some of the models I have spent a long time painting time on the battlefield.

In particular my Troglodon, which I remember Rob saying ‘nobody takes the Troglodon’, for me it was about showcasing the awesome model it is and just using something different to the norm and not being super competitive which I think sometimes is a refreshing change from the norm. After all it was mainly about showcasing the hobby side of it for us. We would love to do it again, and would be open to taking more competitive lists too, it would be cool to perhaps play a 40k game to see the difference.

Amy can be found on twitter at @amysnuggs7 and on Instagram at amysnuggs

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