Hobby ‘Celebs’ II: Amy Snuggs part 4

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It's the final part of Hobby 'Celebs' II with Amy Snuggs. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Amy for answering my questions and I hope you all enjoyed her answers. The final question of the week is:

What’s currently your favourite miniature, piece of artwork, piece of scenery or story etc? Why do you like it?

This is a very difficult question; there are so many amazing miniatures that it makes it too hard to pick a favourite. The quality of miniatures from Games Workshop is getting better and better, and just when you think you have a favourite one a new one comes out and completely changes your mind! There are tons of miniatures I’d love to paint because they’re such amazing miniatures, if only we had more hours in the day! I do have a top few miniatures which I really love and would class as my favourites, although I couldn’t really pick one over the other.

These models tend to be the main centrepiece for armies, such as; Archaon, Alarielle, Nagash and Mortarion. Of the four, I have only painted one; Archaon and he was super fun to paint! I think these are my favourite models because they look amazing on the battlefield; they’re all so unique in their own way and have amazing detail.

There are also some smaller models which I really like including Inquisitor Greyfax and the finecast Radagast model from The Hobbit range which I believe is currently out of production, but I’m hoping it makes a comeback in 2018. I think it’s a good thing though that it’s so hard to pick one model as your favourite, it just goes to show how amazing the standard of models is now from Games Workshop, and I’m so excited to see what’s coming in 2018!

Amy can be found on twitter at @amysnuggs7 and on Instagram at amysnuggs

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