Hobby ‘Celebs’ I : Paul Buckler part 1

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This week on the blog it is time for the debut of my Hobby ‘Celebs’ series. (if you can think of a better name let me know)

The focus of the first in this series is the Dogfather himself Paul Buckler. I asked Paul four questions, and will be publishing one of his answers  each day.

Firstly I asked Paul if he had a miniature he had painted or converted that he was particularly proud of and would like to show off.

I have quite a few models that I really have enjoyed painting.  My Arkanaught Ironclad is one, Archaon is another, but one of the miniatures, if you can call it a miniature, I am most proud of is my Soulgrinder conversion.

I spent a bit longer than normal on this one, as I wanted it to be a bit different. This list it runs in has 3 Soulgriders in total, so each needed to look individual.

I used an Arachnarok to make this conversion, which came out OK I think.  I re-positioned the legs to fit over the pillars on the base, as well as the main conversion of body/legs meld.  Overall it’s one of the bigger conversions I have attempted, and I learned a lot from the process.

Thank you Paul, I think the Soulgrinder conversion is brilliant, the change of legs looks so natural with the fleshy daemonic body and the addition of some ruins on the base helps you picture it scuttling through a bombed out city hunting for its next prey.

Paul can be found on Twitter @WarhammerGC, and if you live in the south of England, and Dorset isn’t far from you, check out Warhammergamesclub.co.uk/club-nights

Come back tomorrow for Paul's hobby advice.

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