Hobby ‘Celebs’ I : Paul Buckler part 2

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Welcome to day two of Paul Buckler week on the blog. Yesterday he told us all about his awesome Soulgrinder conversion, today I asked him:

Do you have one bit of hobby advise you’d like to share?  Maybe a tip for new tournament players? Anything that you think that might help your fellow hobbyists out in their eternal struggle to perfection.

Hobby wise - Don't set the bar too high.  A lot of hobbyists seem to aim so high when they first start, the awesome models on display over twitter etc really call to a lot of us I know!  We have some amazing guys in our Club, the likes of Chris Tomlin (@The_Black_Sun on Twitter)  or Matt Lyons (@CowboyBootsMatt on Twitter) produce some fantastic armies.  Some of the new starters really try to emulate them from the get go, whereas starting with tabletop standard and working your way up lets you get models on the board to play with whilst you hone your hobby skills.

Tournaments Wise - Just have fun, the whole scene is so accepting of new players.  Don't worry about being new to the game, not knowing every unit stat by heart, just get out there and meet some new people and roll some dice.

Thanks Paul, I can’t agree more, painting wise, just keep practicing, there are some awesome painters out there, and they didn’t just start off that good. Also these days there are so many resources online to help you with your painting and modelling, you can’t go wrong checking out the Duncan Videos on Warhammer TV’s YouTube channel.

Paul can be found on Twitter @WarhammerGC, and if you live in the south of England, and Dorset isn’t far from you, check out Warhammergamesclub.co.uk/club-nights

Tomorrow, Paul tells us a memorable tournament moment.

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