Hobby ‘Celebs’ I : Paul Buckler part 3

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It’s day three of the first of my Hobby ‘Celebs’ series (again, if you can think of a better name let me know).

Over the last few days we have heard about Paul’s favourite miniature, and his tips for new hobbyists.

Today I asked him if he has any memorable stories form a recent game or tournament? Maybe something improbable that happened, something funny or a crazy turning point in a game.

My first Age Of Sigmar tournament was in Weymouth, I was super nervous. None of my current gaming group were going I was flying solo.

In game one I played a certain Matt Clarke, with the new (back then) Stormcast, he proceeded to table me, with the loss of only three models!  I thought this was going to be a rough weekend.

By the end of Game five, after a heavy night at the Saturday night Bowling, I found myself in fourth overall!  Totally Crazy weekend, met so many new friends, from there I now find myself doing 16+ events this year.

Thanks Paul, first tournaments can be a scary thing, but once you’re engaging with fellow players it soon becomes a great place to play and meet new people. My first Independent tournament was The South Coast GT 2016, and after the initial apprehension, I had a great time. Over the following 18 months I have been to loads more events and made some great hobby friends. If you’ve ever thought about attending an event, go fo it, you’ll have a blast.

Paul can be found on Twitter @WarhammerGC, and if you live in the south of England, and Dorset isn’t far from you, check out Warhammergamesclub.co.uk/club-nights

In tomorrow's final installment Paul tells us what his favourite miniature is.

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