Hobby ‘Celebs’ I : Paul Buckler part 4

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It’s the last day of Paul Bucker week here on the blog, my first Hobby ‘Celeb’ focus. I’m hoping this will be a regular part of my blog where you can read all about what the wargaming ‘Celebs’ have to say about the hobby.

The final question I posed to Paul was: What’s currently your favourite miniature, piece of artwork, piece of scenery or story etc? Why do you like it?

My current favourite miniature is the Kharadron Overlord’s Ironclad.  Such a lovely model to build and paint,  a great centrepiece for the Overlords army.  The kit is very easy to assemble, there are lots of added extra bits you can put on the model, overall a great kit.

Great pick Paul, I have to admit, when I first saw the Kharadron Overlord release I was not a fan of the models, but once I saw them in the ‘flesh’ I was sold. Maybe it was the Eavy Metal colour scheme, because some of the studio miniature painters alternate schemes really sold them to me. With my Fimir project still in full swing, I haven’t picked any of these guys up yet, but I’m sure I will next year.

A final reminder that Paul can be found on Twitter @WarhammerGC, and if you live in the south of England, and Dorset isn’t far from you, check out Warhammergamesclub.co.uk/club-nights

Also, I played Paul at the Blackout Age of Sigmar tournament earlier in the year, you can read my report from the game, and the rest of the event here

Turns out Paul and I will also be attending Age of Santa in Cardiff in December and the Age of Sigmar GT heat 2 in April too, so a couple more chances to meet him on the battlefield.


If you would like to nominate someone (or yourself)  to be featured on Hobby 'Celebs' let me know.

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