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This weekend I was at The South Coast Grand Tournament, it was my second visit to the SCGT, and the one year anniversary of me dipping my toe in to the independent tournament scene.

Last year I took Slaanesh Daemons and managed 3 wins and 3 losses. Until a few weeks before the event I was planning on taking the daemons again, but changed my mind to the Bonesplitterz, mainly as I thought they could survive the expected mass shooting; little did I know that until game 6, I really didn't face that much long range firepower!

Here's my report, I wont go into too much depth, mainly as I have such a terrible memory!

Game 1: Heralds of the Storm

My first game was against Liam Jordon and his Fireslayers. I knew this scenario would be hard work for me with limited fast movement in order to get across the board. The Fireslayers and the fact that they never seem to die, didn't help matters.


Buffed to the gills, the Fireslayers just wouldn't go down, even with the Kunnin Rukk shooting, 120 shots only killed a couple of slayers, it was a sign of things to come!


Combat was mainly two armies failing to do much damage to each other, but the Slayers managed to do slightly more damage each turn, so the Orruks began to disappear.


In the end I was left with just my Wurrgog Prophet left alive, Major loss taken, which to be honest is what I expected in this scenario, and especially against an army I've never played.


Game 2: The Silver Tower

For the luck filled scenario that is The Silver Tower I faced Dave Busse and his mixed Chaos. Mainly Nurgle, with some Skaven.

With the treat of the Kunnin Rukk, my Savage Orruk Boss was targeted from the outset, surviving the first round of combat, he died in the next, due to me losing the priority roll (the first of many crucial priorities lost)


Luckily for me both of Dave's Warp Lightning Cannons kept rolling a 6 for their shots, so did little to no damage all game, both eventually being smashed to a pulp.


The Blight Kings had flown over in turn on thanks to Sayl the Friendless, and were soon battling it out against the Big Stabbas. At one point 4 Blight King hits resulted in 21 actual hits!


I had the rub of the Silver Towers initial movement, but after going 3-1 up, Tzeentch thought I had been too lucky and whipped the tower to the other side of the battlefield, where Dave managed to garrision it and take the lead. A second major loss, but this time down to that stupid tower 😉

Game 3: Capture and Control

For game 3 I was on the very bottom table, against Jakob Takanen who had come all the way from Sweden. He had a pure Skaven force, mainly made up from things in the Island of Blood set, with the inclusion of a Screaming Bell


In this scenario, your leader is the key to scoring points, and with the Skaven leader being the Screaming Bell, I knew what I had to target. So taking first turn I flew my Arrow Boys forward and let rip, reducing it down to 5 wounds. The trouble then was trying to finish it off.


I eventually took down the bell when a unit of Big Stabbas managed to get into combat with it. From then on it it was just a case of making sure I didnt lose my leader, and kept my head above water. In the end it was a Major Victory for me, a god way to end the day.


Day 2, Game 4: Domination

The first game of day two was against Dan Lavender and his Khorne Bloodbound. An army I have a love hate relationship with. My Bonesplitterz have always struggled against this, so I knew I was going to have a hard game.


As with a couple of the AoS scenarios that use a build up of points, its usually a good idea to try and get some early points on the board, and that's what I did, throwing one unit forward in order to get some early vps.


Soon enough the Khorne were on top of me, and it was a case of trying to keep units alive, and making sure I had enough units in the right place to keep totting up the score. I managed to hold the lead until the very last turn, where I needed 3 points in my last go to get the win.


Luckily for me, I managed to fly a unit into one of my opponents quarters and then just about got a charge in with my Big Stabbas to claim this quarter for myself, and took the game by 1 point. After 2 major losses, I had 2 major wins and was back in the hunt for A 3-3 finish.


Game 4: Realm Gate Wars

The penultimate game was against Kris Robertson and his mixed Order, or Seraphon and Fireslayers. I had played Kris before, as he plays at BIG in Bristol like I do occasionally.


Knowing I had to get rid of as much Battleline as I could early on, I flew a unit of Bonesplitterz forward, and got my Arrowboyz forward too to remove the Skins around the far Realm Gate. r

I managed to wipe out one of the Skink units and reduce the second down to five models, but then the pain came.


Two units of Terradons dropped down and caused immense damage to my units, but I managed to hang on to enough models to not lose too many points, however, losing the turn two priority meant that they could cause massive damage again, and essentially lose me the game. I did fight a come back to within 1 point, but it wasnt enough. A 3rd Major loss.

Game 6: Alter of Azyr

The final game of the weekend was against Paul Petford and another mixed Order army of Silvaneth and High Elves.

The aim of this game was to keep your leaders alive and have more in the middle segment of the battlefield to build up points. I lost one of my heroes early when it was shot off by Kurnoth Hunters, and went down early 3-0 (each turn you get pts based on the turn number)


As the battle drew on, the Orruks numbers began to give them the advantage, as slowly the Silvaneth began to die, the highlight was Durthu droping to a unit of Big Stabbas. I managed to claim vps in turn 3 and 5 with Paul grabbing points in round 4. So with the Priority roll for turn 5 coming up, I knew that if I won it, I couldnt lose, however if I lost it and Paul could kill a couple of my heroes, I'd lose.


And guess what, I lost priority, my heroes got killed and I lost the game, such a great close game to finish the weekend but such an annoying way to lose.

So the weekend was over and I had won 2 games and lost 4. Not as good as last year, but I still had 6 good games, three of which I would have won if I had managed to win priority! To be honest if I was to lose 3 close games purely because of a roll, then I must have been doing something right. One of my wins was very one sided, and the other was down to the last roll of the game, every game was competitive to the end.

So in conclusion, a great weekend, 6 great games, the only disappointment would be the lunch time food arrangements, but that's not for discussing now, but hopefully Dan, Wayne and Russ will get enough feedback about the lunch times that it can be looked at for next year.

Roll on SCGT2018, but first there's Bristol Smash, painting Fimir and Blackout.

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