Konflikt ’47 Review and Battle Report

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Today on the blog I will be looking at the game of Konflikt 47 I had a couple of weeks ago against my club mate Neil. For those who don’t know, Konflikt ’47 is Warlord Game’s Weird War Two game that uses the Bolt Action ruleset. Think of it as World War Two with Mechs, Robots and other crazy things like Werewolves. 

I haven’t played Bolt Action for quite a while and more or less remembered how to play, the activation system is easy to remember as it involves pulling dice out of a pot to determine who gets to activate a unit. The pinning, cover and wound rolls soon came back to me after a turn or so, we both generally got there after a few activations, and by the end of the game were more or less fluent. 

The only miniature I have for Konflikt is the United Stated Kodiak Assault Walker that I was sent by Triple Helix Wargames to review, and so borrowed the rest of my US force from Neil. Here is my force.

I had nine units, so nine dice went in the pot, Neil had ten units in his Russian force. 

In this mission, I was the defender and had to stop the Russians getting any of their force into my deployment zone, or even worse, for me, off my table edge. With this in mind I set up pretty defensively in any cover I could find with plenty of kill zones for the Russians to run in to as they tried to achieve their mission. 

I won’t go in to the game in depth, as I didn’t have enough battery on my phone to take too many photos, instead I’ll pick out some of the highlights.


My Walker sat right at the back of the battlefield, shooting half of its guns each turn at the anti-tank weapon what was shooting at it in return. Needing 6’s followed by 6’s to hit meant that it didn’t do a great deal in the battle, but did draw fire, and despite being immobilised, managed to survive the battle, sat for all five turns covering the centre of the battlefield, where nobody dare tread. So a victory of sorts on its debut.


As in Bolt Action, the Russians had a free meat shield unit which accompanied an elite heavy infantry unit down their left (my right) flank. This flank was dominated by the Soviets until a lone American with a flamethrower appeared out of the woods. Little did we know how good a flamethrower would be until it fired!  

First off it shot the meat shield unit, rolling a six for its automatic hits and then causing four pin markers to be added to the unit. All six of the hit Soviets died, and then with the mandatory morale check failed, the whole unit was removed from the board.

With the 3+ roll passed to make sure that he had enough fuel, at the start of the next turn the flamethrower turned his attention to the much harder to kill Heavy Infantry. Two of their number were killed by the promethium, and once again the morale check was failed so the other eight elite members of the squad also fled the battlefield. Failing his fuel roll the American also left the field of play, but for one man to have single handily removed such a large portion of the Soviet forces was amazing. A turning point in the game.


My mortar didn’t do anything all game, except run around trying to get a good line of sight after their spotter was killed by an artillery strike. I did a similar thing with my airstrike so it was all fair in love and war.


As we hit the end of the fifth turn, the Soviets had managed to get two units off the board, and the remaining forces on both sides were minimal. We totted up the points and it was eight all. A good place to end our first game of Konflikt ’47. It took a little while to get the rules in our heads after such a long period away, and there are bound to be some rules we missed, or didn’t get right, but it was fun to play a non Games Workshop game for a change and I’m sure we’ll have another go soon. 

I will get my Kodiak painted at some point, hopefully before our next game so we can see if it can perform a little better this time.

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