Lesser Fimir

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This week I finally finished the 40 Lesser Fimir that I started converting almost a year to the day. The actual miniatures have been finished for a while, but I hadn't yet tackled the bases. These took a bit of time to do as I experimented with how they looked, but once done I was able to marry the bases and miniatures together.


The bases had been made with a mixture of 1mm thin adhesive cork and bits of Dwarf paraphernalia I had in my ample bits box. I made it so that half of the bases were just cork, and the other half had bits of shield, weapon and the occasional bone.


I drybrushed up the cork with greys, and where some of the cork came off whilst being painted, I covered up the bare cork with some dark browns, and highlighted up this to give the 'rocks' a bit more of a realistic mix of stone and mud.


The Dwarf bits I got from my bits box were painted up silver, with a bit of oxidisation to break up the metallics.
Once all the cork and furniture was done it was time for the texture of the rest of the base. I thought I had bought crackle paint, but turns out it was actually textured paint. It didn't matter though, as once I started to apply this, it looked better than I had hoped.

Once applied, and it had dried, I again drybrushed up the texture. This turned out to be a little more messier than I had hoped but again, not being so neat on the bases paint job gave it a much more natural look, rather than being unnaturally pristine.


After drybrushing up the initial ten bases, I continued with the remaining thirty bases, and had them finished in pretty good time. Now it was time to attached the Lesser Fimir to their bases, fingers and toes crossed that everything would come together.


It didn't go well when the first Lesser Fimir I took off its base, came away in two parts, I wasn't expecting to have a model with one leg to start things off. Luckily this was an easy fix, and a little bit of paint will be needed to hid the join, but I'll do that when I get on to the actual Fimir.


The rest of the Lesser Fimir were much easier to get off their temporary bases. and with a single pin up one of their feet, the miniatures and bases were soon all together. All that was left was to add a few flowers to finish off the work.


Once built I managed to get a few good photos of the finished Lesser Fimir, with a bit of clever positioning I managed to get them photoed without getting in each others way.


Next up are 20 actual Fimir. They have been built for a long time, and are now undercoated. Will be trying to paint these all at the same time, hopefully with the knowledge from painting the Lesser Fimir, these shouldn't take too long. We'll see!

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