Life sized Space Marines

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It’s the final day of my look at some old photos from a trip to Warhammer World in 2001. So far I have looked some of the big dioramas & artifacts that were on display, today its time to look at some ‘life sized’ Space Marines.

For the final time, please excuse the bad photos, they are scanned from the originals, that were taken over 15 years ago on a really bad camera, by me, a bad photographer.

When I say life sized, that’s not entirely true, as although these Marines were human sized they weren't the eight foot terrors that you read about in the novels of the Black Library, more like their 5-6ft cousins.

Firstly there are two Space Wolf terminators, deep in the confines of a Space Hulk. If you look closely you’ll see that danger is everywhere in the dark corridors of a disused Imperial ship, with a Genestealer about to jump out on the unsuspecting Wolf Guard.

Despite their size being a little off, there is a lot of detail on these recreations, and you can see them in action in this old Warhammer 40,00 short film, which although doesn’t really hold the test of time, was fun to watch back in the day

The other Space Marines on display were this squad of Blood Angels. Again they are not really life sized, but still look cool, although looking properly at them, they do seem to be in slightly strange poses.


A product of their time, it was amazing to see the miniatures I played with in the ‘flesh’ when I was younger, but 16 years later the level of cosplay on display at events like Warhammer Fest and other Comicons blows these guys out of the water. Perhaps with time we’ll see another live action Warhammer film where we’ll see our hobby come to life on the big screen. With the way ‘New’ Games Workshop is going, nowadays it’s more likely than ever…

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