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Welcome to day four of the first week of blog posts linked to an episode of Binx’s Hobby Podcast. Yesterday I gave further feedback on White Dwarf April 2018. Today I share some photos of some games we have played and the armies that we used in last night’s game, of which there will be a battle report next blog.

If you haven’t listened to the podcast it can be found HERE, hopefully it will make its way on to other platforms as and when I can get them released.

Bloodbowl League:
We have reached the final of our Bloodbowl league, with my Nurgle team and Elliot’s Orcs taking each other on in a few weeks’ time.

Despite finishing 3rd and 4th in the league, we both beat higher finishing teams in the playoffs to get to the final. Having beaten Elliot twice in the league the Nurgle are favourites to win, but anything can happen when the block dice are rolled. 

Nurgle Daemons vs Ad Mech:

I took my Nurgle Daemons against Alex’s Ad Mech in a 1500 point game using the Tactical Objective cards. The game was close, but was ultimately won through the luck of the draw when it came to objectives.

I managed to tie up quite a lot of his units when charging in with big units of Plaguebearers and then piling in to tag units I hadn’t charged knowing that a combination of sub par close combat ability of the Ad Mech and survivability of the Nurgle meant that I could restrict a lot of his shooting.

Death Guard vs Ad Mech and Custodes:

I played Alex again the following week in a 2000 point game using the Open War cards, which in the end made for a really close game.

My Warlord surviving on one wound from  a close combat attack from a Custodes Dreadnought won be the game, the 4+ invulnerable save and 4+ Disgustingly Resilient save, made the difference. It did take the majority of my army to kill all the Custodes, but the points they gave away meant it was worth it.

Slaaneshi Daemons vs Tzeentch

As we briefly talked about in the podcast, we were on our way to play a game of Age of Sigmar, below are the lists we used. We will report back in a few weeks time on how the game, and maybe follow up game, went.

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