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This Friday I was lucky enough to be able to play Warhammer 40,000 on the TV, well more specifically on Warhammer TV's Twitch channel.

I went up to Warhammer World with Simon, who as you can see below, was very happy to come along as he hadn't been to Warhammer World, since its most recent transformation, so was looking forward to seeing the exhibition and having a great game of 40k, which would be my warm up before the main event.


Before we played, we hit Bugmans for some light refreshment; and then went to the table. The board we played on looked amazing, with loads of ruined buildings to fight in and streets for the tanks and planes to drive and fly around.


We'd played against each other just two days previous, with the Crimson Fists coming out on top, through what was a really close game, where the Dark Eldar had begun strong, but slowly lost their grip on the battlefield. We played the same forces this time, but the game would turn out completely different.


This game turned out to be completely one sided. I couldn't roll a bad dice, and Si couldn't roll any good dice, so after 3 turns the game was over, which did mean we had more time to hit the exhibition.


I didn't take any photos of the exhibition, so you'll have to make do with the in game shots from the game we had just finished. The last time I had been round the exhibition was on the New Years open day, so I was surprised how many new things there were to see. Some of the cabinets had been moved around, but there was a collection of Golden Daemon winners which were so good in the flesh, and also the Primaris Space marines that the Eavy Metal team had done for the challenge in the latest White Dwarf. If you thought they looked good in the magazine, they are infinitely better in real life, the photos do not do these guys justice.


After we'd done the exhibition there was time for a coffee and a flapjack, before I would have to get to the table live on TV. Whilst I was in Bugmans, I finally got to say hello to Wade, who I would be playing that evening. Myself and Wade had worked together in Games Workshop Bristol some 18 years ago, and although I had seen him at some Games Days and also in a Sheffield GW, we hadn't really kept in touch that well.


I hadn't been sure if he still worked for Games Workshop, until I saw him on the Warhammer 40,000 launch  24 hour stream that was broadcast on Facebook Live. When organising my trip to Warhammer World to be on the Twitch Stream, I asked if Wade would like to play, and was super happy when he agreed.


So after a quick catch up we went to the table, as seen below, to get our game on! Wade would be using his World Eaters, and would also be using the new Chaos Space Marine Codex, which at the time of the game wasn't actually out yet! You can find our lists here

I was using the same list I had been using for my last two games, hopefully all my good luck hadn't run out in the practice I had had a few hours earlier. We rolled up a scenario and started to deploy.  It was at this point that I was given the headset which would allow me to talk to the two Robs whilst they commentated, to be able to relay any highlights of the game, whilst they would be able to point out any mistakes we were making; which turned out to be quite a few!


I wont spoil the game, you'll have to watch it yourself, how to do this is in my previous Twitch review post, but I will say it was a brilliant game. My dice were horrendous, and Wades, for the most part, were awesome. We only managed to get four turns in before the time ran out, but they were four turns of great laughs.

There were a few occasions where some of the rules slipped our minds, but it was great to have Rob in my ear, pointing them out, and for most of them, we were able to rewind the game a bit and redo some of the dice rolling. Having watched the game back myself, there were several other occasions where we didn't quite play the rules 100% correctly but this didn't really favour either of us and had no influence on the game.


I would like to thank, Wade, Rob, Rob, Dan and Martin for the opportunity to play at Warhammer World, it was a great day and great fun, I'd love to do it all again sometime. Also to Si for driving. My Tyranids are now 'complete' (I'll save them for the next post) so maybe they could make an appearance. I'll be at Heat Three of the Grand Tournament, so who knows; and Pete Foley, Si will be back to take you on too, just don't go on holiday next time we're up.

Finally; until we arrived at WHW, I didn't realise it Rob Symes' last ever broadcast. It is sad to see him go as he has been the highlight of every broadcast, with his enthusiasm for all the games, he will be missed. Hopefully Warhammer TV will continue to be as great as it is now without him.

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