My love affair with Slaanesh

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With promotional videos, ‘leaks’ and an awesome video from the Warhammer Community team, a new range of Slaanesh miniatures and rules are on their way. As Slaanesh is a Chaos God I have gamed with for most of my 20+ years in the Games Workshop hobby, I thought I’d have a look back at the fun I’ve had with them over the years.

The first models I bought for Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 were Wood Elves and Dark Angels, but it was not long before the Dark Gods themselves gripped me and never let go. My first foray into Slaanesh was with Chaos Space Marines and the Emperor’s Children.

Although I never had any of the original Noise Marine models, with the guitars, I did have loads of the next range, along with loads of the crab clawed Daemonnettes. My first Chaos Marine army had a whole mix of troops but the craziest unit was my converted possessed squad. There were no miniatures for possessed back then, and as a lowly ‘regular’ in the Cribbs Causeway store in Bristol, it fell upon the staff there (and now club mates) to create the crazy ideas I had in my mind.

I still remember the horror on their faces when I asked for them to snip the head off a metal miniature, and to cut the arm in half so I could affix a wire to make a tentacle arm with a bolt pistol holding hand at the end. Sadly I don’t have these models any more, in fact I don’t think any of my original Emperor’s Children army have survived to this day.

As time moved on, so did my hobby, but I didn’t stray away from the lure of Slaanesh. As new editions of Fantasy and 40k emerged, so did a new army for me to paint pink.

Before the current Noise Marine kits emerged, I once again created a force with lots of conversions. I made kitbashed squads with complicated conversions of the Sonic Blasters using bolters, plasma pistols and guitar wire. The Blastmasters were Heavy Bolters with Plasma Guns attached. They looked good back in the day, but as I get better and better at painting and converting, they look a bit dodgy today.

My favourite kit bask are my raptors, using the jump packs from the Blood Angels range , they have magnetised hands to allow me to switch in different special weapons, much like my bikes and veteran squads.

I have used this force a few times in the new version of Warhammer 40,000, but as I have quite a few armies for this system, they don’t get out as much as I’d like.

As well as the power armoured variety of Slaanesh worshipper, I also have a sizeable force of daemons, which I use for Age of Sigmar, and more recently Warhammer 40,000. The Daemon list started out as part of my Emperor's Children army, but as the rules have been updated and Daemons and Space Marines being separated from each other they got left behind, with only the new edition of 40k bringing them back together.

I took Slaanesh Daemons to my first ever independent Warhammer event  in 2016 and have used them on an off at quite a lot of tournaments since then finishing 6th at Blackout 2017. As I have played more events and new versions of the Generals Handbook have been released, so my army has morphed with new units being added and less effective ones being removed. I recently put them in to semi-retirement as I had used them so often.

That was until a few weeks ago when they came back out on to the table for a 1000 point tournament at Bristol Independent Gaming where I finished with two wins and two very close losses. This outing once again strengthened my love of Slaanesh and with another 1000 point even scheduled for later in the year, maybe they'll return to do a bit better next time.

A few weeks ago I got my Daemons out for a game of Warhammer 40,000 and found using them pretty similar to how they are used in Age of Sigmar, really fast hard-hitting troops, but being the classic glass cannon, falling apart once they take on too much firepower. I, again, hope to get these on the board again pretty soon.

And so I thought that was it, I'd get the Slaanesh out every so often, but oh no, something has been stirring and here we have a picture of the new Fiend of Slaanesh, undoubtedly to be followed closely by some other new Slaaneshi miniatures, which I can't wait for. I'm even considering repainting my decade old Daemons when all this new stuff is released. This is something I have been thinking about for a while, and now seems like the best time to do it. So watch this space.

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