May’s White Dwarf: Venator Bands

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Since the release of the new version of Necromunda I have been very impressed with the new gangs that have been released, but having dipped my toe in the world of converting with my Fimir army, I wanted to create a unique gang.

Although they are built, I haven't got them on the battlefield yet, as I've been waiting for gang rules that best fit their weapon load outs. However, in this months White Dwarf there are rules for Venator Bands.

Venator bands allow you to field 'gangs' of either mercenaries, or give you the options to build a custom gang of your own. A perfect addition to the rules, allowing me to field my heavily converted gang.

When building your band, each of the 'positions' within your force can have one of four different stat lines, meaning that every miniature on the tabletop could have a different specialty. Want your leader to be great in combat, choose the profile with the best weapon skill, while giving your heavy stubber wielding champion a good ballistic skill. Obviously, you aren't going to be fielding an band of super soldiers, so where they excel in one craft, so they will not be as good in another. A great way of keeping it all balanced.

I have looked at the miniatures I had made, and with the arrival of Gang War 3, have pointed up some possibilities. If I want to take all nine miniatures in to war as I have armed them, I can, and it comes to 990 creds, however, none of them will be wearing armour.

I can though drop the grenade launcher guy and give almost everyone mesh armour, meaning hopefully, they will be able to stay in the battle a bit longer.

Looking more deeply at the Venator list, they can take most weapons and equipment from the Trading post, up to certain rare levels. 11 for the leader, 10 for the champions and 8 for the hunters. Maybe it would be a good thing to give as many people as I can carapace armour, really give them a chance to survive the game, this will of course make my gang a lot smaller, but much more survivable in the hive.

As soon as I get my current projects done and finally put some greenstuff on to these miniatures I'll be getting some paint on them and then on to the board. We should hopefully be starting a campaign pretty soon and I would love to use these guys rather than my Chaos Cultists.

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