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I'm still working on the Fimir, and this time I am actually building real Fimir.

I picked up all my Fimir at the Games Workshop new year open day, well those that they had on the shelf, the others got delivered  a week or so later.

When I initially began building these, they looked almost impossible, but after the first three, I was in the zone, and they came on pretty quickly.


I'm planning on having three units of six, so had to convert up three sets of command. The champions were easy as I just did what I did with my converted Saurus and make their weapons double ended.
For the the musicians, I have used old school common goblin trumpets, with their spare hand holding a club like Baleglyph instead of the two handed version.
The standard bearers are similar to their smaller cousins, and have banners made from brass rod. All I need to do now is make the actual banners.


The bases they are currently on, is of course, not the bases they will end up on, below you can see the cork I have so far done on the bases. Going away from the cork bases I have seen online, whereby it is quite think, here I have used multiple layers of 1mm self adhesive cork.


And finally for this time, a preview of my Thundertusk, which, as you can see, uses the Sylvaneth Beetle as the mount. The riders are only balancing in place in this picture, but gives an idea of what it will look like. Still plenty of work to do on this.


Who knows, I might actually start painting soon...

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