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Over the last few days I’ve looked at the background and new rules for the Cadian regiments of the Astra Militarum. Today I’m going to show off some of my Cadian army, some of which will be hitting the battlefield in tomorrow’s battle report.

The majority of my army is made up of the old metal Cadian models. I got these about 15+ years ago when I worked for Games Workshop. Utilising the ‘weight order’ option that was available back then, these didn’t cost me that much. They have been painted, and added to a number of times over the years and are currently showing a bit of wear and tear with a few chips here and there. I may go back and give them a spruce up sometime in the future, but as there is so many of them, and I have many other projects on the go, I don’t see this being any time soon.

Alongside the more rushed paint jobs on the infantry, I do have some units that I have spent a lot longer on. Again these were built and painted quite a few years ago, and when I recently got all my Imperial Guard out of their boxes to work out the points of my collection in the new rules, I was reminded that they aren’t that bad when it comes to paint jobs.

First up we have my Tempestus Scions, or as they were back in the day, Stormtroopers.

As the bulk of my force is the old metal models, I decided to use the newer plastic Cadians as my Scions. I had picked up one of the massive army deal boxes back in the day (which I still have the majority of unbuilt) so had plenty of plastics to play with.

All of the ten men in this squad have visored helmets from the heavy weapons teams, and and an array of pouches, and backpacks with all the equipment needed to face the enemies of the Emperor. Their weapons are the standard issue lasguns, but to show they are the ‘hot shot’ variety I have used garden wire as the power cabling running from their weapons to backpacks.

For my Ogryns I have used the much loved and converted Warhammer Ogres. Their belly plates were scraped clean of any iconography, with Imperial eagles from various kits added instead. Chains were taken from anywhere I could find, including the Chaos Rhino kit. The shoulder pads were from a variety of Ork and Orc kits.

For their Ripper Guns, I have once again gone to the Cadian heavy weapons teams, and used Heavy Bolters. These were stripped down and made to fit the arms of the Ogres, with bayonets created from various swords and blades.

The boss of the squad has a call centre style head set, enabling him to communicate with a commanding officer, this was made from paperclip and greenstuff.

I also created everyone's favourite bodyguard, Ogryn Nork Deddog. He is built in virtually the same way as the other Ogryns, but has his infamous commissar cap on his shoulder, a few medals showing his valour in battle, and a slightly different belly plate insignia.



So now you’ve seen what I have available for my next battle, tomorrow we’ll see how well they did on the battlefield, as they are tasked with driving off a ‘heretic’ force of Crimson Fists.

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