New 40k is coming: Part 3

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Week three of Games Workshop's previews of the new Warhammer 40,000 has passed, so here is my look at what they reveal this week.

Large Models
There's a lot of big beasties, tanks and titans in the 40k, and they are getting significantly boosted to really show off what they should be able to do on the battlefield. When our club started a new 40k campaign last year, I was surprised that a Tyranid Hive Tyrant only had a handful of wounds, after playing a lot of Age of Sigmar where big gribbly has wounds in the double figures.


Taking its lead from Age of Sigmar, big monsters, tanks, knights etc now have an uncapped wound value, making it possible to really show how much damage these terrorising monstrosities can take before they go down. Combined with a really good save, lasguns will only be scratching the surface before they get eaten by a Carnifex.


As with AoS the big guys will also deteriorate over time as they take damage,each vehicle or monster will slowly get worse in some way as they take damage, I love this in AoS and the theatrical vision of a Morkanaut's joints deteriorating making it slow down and its close combat arms losing power, makes for a god narrative.

With any weapon being able to hurt anything, I'm looking forward to seeing a last gasp attempt by a squad of plucky Imperial Guardsmen to take off that last armour plate from a rampaging behemoth and it exploding, showering them with nuts and bolts as they celebrate a victory.

As well as the big guys the regular rank and file have also got an overhaul; while not quite as big as what has happened to their larger cousins, it is equally as important.


The old 10 x 10 Strength vs Toughness chart has joined the humble flamer template in the recycle bin, and has been replaced by the above chart. At first glance not much appears to have changed, but in the overall scheme of things, there are some quite big differences.
No longer will a Tau Firewarrior be wounding (and killing) the humble Imperial Guardsmen on a roll of  2+, or their returning las fire be only wounding on a 6 against any toughness 5 opponent. These subtle little changes sound big, but until we know the full changes in the rules, they can only be considered based on 7th edition rules.

The new to wound chart will take a little getting used to, and I'm sure there will be some times early on in the games life where the wrong rolls are made, you have to remember, some of us have had the old 'to wound' chart embedded in our mind for 20+ years.


Another change to infantry, is the ability to split fire. This rule change changes the choices you can make in building your list, I for one will seriously look at putting missile launchers back into my Cadian infantry squads as no longer will I have to forgo firing the lasguns to launch that krak missile at a tank.

So what about those iconic leaders, you know, the ones who had a storm shield and passed the limited failed wounds over to that massive squad of guard?

They're gone! Hurrah! Although I never used, or played against this phenomenon, I can see how annoying it would be to play, and how it in no way embraces the fluff.


Characters can no longer join units, much like AoS, they are lone entities, but unlike AoS they can only be shot if they are the closest target, or have over 10 wounds.
So you may not see that prized character leading from the front on that charge into the teeth of lascannons, but they'll wont be far behind, unless of course they they have a lot of wounds.

Characters will also be buffing machines, much like they are in AoS. That Chaplain or Commissar will now be in the midst of their forces with their comrades benefiting from their bonuses, as they project a 'bubble' of bonuses across the battlefield. This works really well in Age of Sigmar and I for one am looking forward to seeing what crazy combos can be done.

More weapon profiles were revealed, as well as some of the rules changes for some of the more exotic weapons types.


Twin linked weapons will no longer have the ability to re-roll their misses, instead thy just count as two weapons, so therefore double the shots. This simplifies shooting these weapons, but doesn't half make them scary. Time to dust off that Landraider!

Combi-Weapons get a change, with you no longer only getting one shot with the 'good half' of the weapon. Now you can choose to fire one of them at full BS or both at -1 to hit, giving these weapons a bit more life on the battlefield. Chaos Terminators are happy at this change.

Finally another template weapon gets an update with the Battle Cannon being shown off. this big hitter has a random number of shots and the potential to do 3 damage from each of them, with a potential of 18 wounds coming from this beast.

With the release of the first Datasheet we have seen a glimpse of what to expect in our upcoming codices. Much like an Age of Sigmar warscroll these datasheets will contain (almost) all of the things you need in the game to play with a squad.


With the ability to have so many weapons, only the most common will be shown on a datasheet, I can image a Space Marine Tactical Squad would need several A4 pages to cover all their options.
I wont go into detail about whats on the above datasheet, you can read that here but I love the way everything is condensed and very easy to read. This should hopefully reduce the amount of page flicking needed to find that special rule that you know you've read, but ant remember where.

2+ save for Rubric Marines against Bolter fire! Yikes these guys are going to be scary!

Points and Power Levels
You may have noticed that the revealed datasheet had a Power of 8, so whats this all about?

Don't worry, points haven't become really really simple, a power level is essentially Quick Points. Want to play your first game of 8th edition? Agree to play 100 Power and just grab some stuff to get a feel for it. These points don't take into account individual weapons etc, but that doesn't really matter in your first few games while you get your head around the new rules. And if you're playing a narrative game or open game and want both armies to feel kind of 'fair' this is a good guide to get you going.


Don't despair all you hardcore gamers out there, points are still a thing and work pretty much in the same way they do now. You can calm down now, you wont have to start making your own points system.

Well that's it for this week, some more really good reveals, leaving just enough behind the curtain to get the Facebook crowds asking those questions that they surely know wont be answered just yet.

While I'm here, just to let you know that the 40k section of the community website also has some spotlights on specific factions, revealing some little bits of information to get your juices flowing, go check them out.

Right I'm off to paint some more Fimir, I'll see you next week.


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