New 40k is coming: Part 4

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We've come to the end of another week of snippets of 8th edition Warhammer 40,000, making it a month of sneak peeks of what we can expect.
By this time next week Warhammer Fest would have come and gone, and we will hopefully have more information and, fingers crossed, a release date.

Meanwhile, lets see what we know after this week.

Stratagems are bonuses you can employ during the game to give you that little helping hand at those key moments in the game.


All armies will get to spend their command points on the above Stratagems, with all armies having their own specific ones which will help emphasize the strengths of particular factions.

With bonus command points for being a battleforged army, it will benefit you to take a well structured army as the stratagems look really strong and so the more you can get your hands on the better.


Tactical Reserves
Tactical reserves, covers everything from deep striking to tunneling from below.

A lot of units that arrive from reserve will have to deploy at least nine inches away from the enemy when they turn up, but will still be able to charge. A charge of nine inches sounds a long way, but if you manage to do it, that strategically placed drop pod could mean the difference between winning and losing.

The Trygon, as shown above looks particularly scary, as it allows a second Tyranid unit to deploy deep within the enemy ranks. I personally am looking forward to see what the Mawloc gets up to, as its attack from below has been confirmed to still exist.

Taken straight from Age of Sigmar, these new Tactical Reserve rules, make the game flow a bit more easier, and although it now allows units to charge when they turn up, the distance makes it a bit of a risk. Don't forget to use a stratagem to reroll that important charge!


As we've seen before, every unit in New 40k has the same profile set up, and so of course so do vehicles, but that means they have attacks now?!

Yep, vehicles will be able to 'fight' in combat, representing them running you over, or the massive spikes or electrified hulls causing damage to a unit that its trying to place that melta bomb under the tracks.
They'll also be able to charge, meaning that not only can they move a long way, but by turn two or even turn one, you'll have a vehicle up in your grill, taking out some of your troops as they try and dive out of the way.

This sounds cool, especially when combined with any troops embarked inside, which we'll come to a in a bit. Vehicles in general look like they'll be a bit more survivable, especially the Knights with their 24 wounds. Hmmm I might have to get one for my Imperial Guard...


Close Combat Weapons
We'd seen a lot of shooting updates, and heard that close combat would be brutal, and with the close combat weapon update, we found out some more.

First up were the power weapons, and although they are only putting out one damage each, the AP and strength bonuses, means that your opponent will be making plenty of saves

The humble chainsword made an appearance, and gives the bearer an additional attach in close combat. This doesn't seem much of a change as it is essentially the same as having a second weapon in combat like you do now.

Finally the power fist shows up and its gonna hurt. Doubling your strength, and  -3 save is bad enough but the D3 damage means that multi wound enemies will be going down pretty quickly. All this fun is at a -1 to hit, but that represents the slowness of swinging that hefty weapon.

Plenty more weapons to see, and with the stats of most of the units still hidden away, we shall see how real close combat specialists do in this phase.

Transport Vehicles
Last update of the week is about transport vehicles.


Some subtle changes, with units now able to disembark, shoot and charge, instead of being stuck inside their tin cans. Also with the ability to shoot from open top transports and pump your pistols into the nearby combats, these taxi's should be a lot more fun.

Allowing vehicles to 'charge' means that you can smash a rhino into that squad of gretchin, hope to withstand the incoming fire, and then next turn jump out and kick some ass.

This new way of using transports will take a bit of getting used to, especially as the guys inside have to get out at the start of the movement phase, there will be some setting up to do to get your charge off how you want.

All in all another great week of reveals, and much like the other ones, leave you wanting to know more, and with many questions, the stupid ones you can find on the GW Facebook page.


Its Warhammerfest next week, I'll be there on the Saturday, so will hopefully bring you a report, on Sunday or Bank Holiday Monday, of what I got up to, meanwhile, I'll be painting more Lesser Fimir.

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