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With thanks to Paul Hardcastle, we’ve entered another year, resolutions have been made and broken already, and the traditional Twitter posts of hobby goals for the new year have begun to appear. New hashtags have popped up in tweets as groups of like-minded hobbyists dedicate their future to a new army. So what have I got planned for 2019?

I have ideas and plans and no doubt these will be ruined by an out of left field release that I really must have a go at, maybe a non Games Workshop game will grab me and drag me down the rabbit hole. On that note I really must play some more games of Saga this year, really enjoyed the one game of Saga 2 I had last year, and now I have the battles book which introduces a load of scenarios to work through.

Anyway enough tangents, what am I hoping to achieve this year? Well I’ve done away with strict deadlines. Building, sculpting and painting my Fimir to a deadline didn’t help my hobby mental state and had me spending way too much time at the painting table, when there are so many other exciting things I should have been entertaining myself with.  I have a couple of projects that I will be working on, but have set no strict deadlines; yes there are theoretical finish lines based on upcoming tournaments or events, but if the army I am working on is not ready for that date, then I’m safe in the knowledge that I have plenty of finished armies ready to play with.

A scenario from the Saga Battle Book

2019 may not be the year that I am able to play at events with these newly crafted forces, but at least I know there’s a good chance that in 2020 I’ll have something special to place on the table top. As long as everything goes to plan.

Before I briefly dive in to what I have planned for this year, I would like to say that you will be seeing less blog posts from me this year. Last year I committed to posting a blog post every week, and although it began well enough, I found that I sometimes struggled for content, or even the time to create it.

So this year, I will be posting blogs when I have something to say, once you have consumed this wall of text, you may need to wait a while for more words of wisdom. Once he’s finished, you can expect an article on how I painted Mortarion, and then probably a report on how my adventures at the Warhammer 40,000 GT Heat 4 went. This may change of course, as I may suddenly have something really exciting to talk about.

The podcast will be continuing, if you’re one of the millions* of listeners who are wondering where the latest episode is, then hopefully we’ll have something for you soon. Due to the commitments of Christmas and the New year, and a bout of illness, there has been a bit of a delay, but don’t worry, we’ll be back soon, with a new and improved format too!

So what have I got planned for this year? To begin with I am repainting my Slaaneshi Daemons. With a new book and probably a load of new miniatures on the horizon, I doubt I will be repainting all of them, and I’m in no doubt that some of them will be relegated to storage. I’ve had my Slaanesh for a very long time, probably close to a decade in some cases and the paint job does not reflect my ability. Although they are great fun to use in battle, they don’t look particularly great. My hope for this year is to repaint some of my army and incorporate them in to a brand new list.

Slaanesh Enrapturess -Work in Progress

I was going to grab a couple of the Wrath and Rapture boxes, selling off the Khorne Daemons, but have decided to wait for any new releases to appear before I get carried away, I don’t want to build up too much of a collection pre Codex/Battletome, only to find that the miniatures I have do not fit a playstyle that I want to take on. Saying that though, I did pick up one half of the box and have built the Enrapturess. Turns out she is one of the must fiddly models ever, I wouldn’t be surprised if the sculptor used to make Malifaux models as some of the pieces on this model are tiny and very brittle.

While I wait for new things to appear for Slaanesh I am concentrating on repainting 30 Daemonnettes and also 10 Seekers. As an overarching theme in my new army I have decided to have all my deamons be bald, so I have taken the hair off 30 Daemonnette heads, and handpicked the two ‘bald’ Seeker sculpts, for another my hair free unit. I hope to be able to carry this theme across the whole army, fingers crossed there isn’t a particularly hairy unit coming in the future

The Daemonnettes are almost guaranteed to be in any army and I currently love using the speed of the Seekers, so whatever happens these should be top of the must haves In my future lists. Once all of these models have had a bath in some Biostrip, they will be painted up in the scheme I created at the Eavy Metal Masterclass. They may will take a long time to paint, but as long as I keep patient and don’t rush anything, I think they will look cool. I’m currently trying to work out how I’m going to base them.

Keep an eye out for #YearOfSlaanesh on Twitter and Instagram for daily updates on my Slaaneshi progress.

Easy to build Primaris Marine on Paint Handles

Speaking of Eavy Metal Masterclass, another of my projects this year is to just paint fun miniatures that I want to paint. Not having the pressure of deadlines, means that I can take my time on painting models I just like the look of and really want to paint. I want to paint these to the best of my ability, utilising the skills that I learnt under the tutorship of some of the best painters in the world. I’m going to doing this by painting a few Primaris Space Marines in different chapter colours, and having a go at a Stormcast or two. I have a collection of Easy Build miniatures ready to go and am looking forward to really pushing my skills over the year. I shall do a side by side at the end of the year to see how I have improved.

And finally, for now, is the big secret project. There are a few people out there who know what I have planned, and I may have gone a bit over the top, but I’m looking forward to what the army looks like when this is all said and done. A lot of the work on this project will be the construction, as there is a lot of conversion work to be done. There is only going to be about a dozen models in this army and four of them are massive, but it’s still going to take some time. I have most of the kits I need to convert everything up, but haven’t started just yet. Once I’ve finished painting Mortarion for my Death Guard, then I will begin on the construction. Got a feeling there is going to be a lot of swearing, sweating and probably bleeding to be done before this project is done. I’d love to get it finished by the end of the year, I’d love to take it to the narrative event RAW19 in October but if it doesn’t get done, then it’ll have to wait until 2020.

Part of my secret project

And that’s it. A look at the immediate future of my hobby this year. Like I said at the beginning, I’m sure Games Workshop will throw some curve balls and there will also be some times where I do some commission painting or paint something completely out of left field for a change, but be reassured I will be telling you all about it on here, on Twitter, Instagram and on the Podcast.

Have a constructive 2019 and see you in the hobby trenches.


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