Obligatory 2018 retrospective

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Welcome to the last blog post of the year, apologies that there haven’t been any the last couple of weeks, but I have been so busy painting Mortarion for my Death Guard and preparing for the festive season, I haven’t had time to write anything. This week on the blog, as is traditional, I will look back over the year and remind you, and myself, what I got up to in 2018.


In my first blog posts of 2018 I looked to the future, predicting what I hoped I would get up to with Gaming and Hobby. I predicted that I would play mainly Games Workshop games and that has been true, this year I have played a handful of other manufactures games, namely one game of Saga 2 and one game of Gaslands. I’d like to play some more of both as I enjoyed them thoroughly, and with the new Saga Battles Book now in my hands I have plenty of scenarios to play through.

Back in January I was looking forward to finishing my Fimir army, which I did, and also hoped to get my Death Guard done. I am currently painting Mortarion, which is the last model in this force, so these dreams are looking likely to come true. I also hoped to get a Necromunda gang painted, this sadly has not come to fruition, but I do have my Venator gang on my paint table and will hopefully get some paint on them soon.

My last painting hope for this year was to paint an ‘Imperium’ army. This hasn’t happened, but I am aiming to use my newly learnt techniques from the Eavy Metal Masterclass, to get some Primaris and Ad Mech Robots painted this year, and who knows, maybe a Knight or two…. Watch this space.


February was a quieter month on the blog, where I looked at two new Codices for Dark Angels and Chaos Daemons. Although my Deathwing have not been anywhere near a paint brush this year, both my Nurgle and Slaaneshi Daemons have been used in the 41st millennium over the course of the year, with my Slaanesh making an appearance on Warhammer TV.


Another quiet month, saw my one and only game with Deathwing, where they took on Simon’s Crimson Fists.


As we entered the second quarter of the year, April gave birth to a new adventure, as Binx’s Hobby Podcast started. Originally I had planned for it to be just me talking hobby to myself, but I soon changed my mind and brought Elliot in to the mix. We’re now on to episode 9, with episode 10 on the way very soon, and even though we don’t have a listener base to rival some of the more established podcasts, we both really enjoy recording and hope those that do subscribe, enjoy our ramblings. We have plenty of improvements planned for the new year, so if you’re not already subscribed, do it now!


May was a really busy month and kicked off with myself and Elliot facing off in the final of our club Blood Bowl league. I don’t think either of us expected to be there, especially Elliot who is lot newer to the game than the rest of the club. I managed to take the win, and continue to do well in our current Stunty league, however, having chosen Ogres, Elliot is struggling in the current season.

In May I joined Elliot at Heat 2 of the Games Workshop Age of Sigmar heats at Warhammer World in Nottingham. Although we both didn’t do as well as we had hoped, Elliot was able to pick up a Best Army nomination, which was really cool after all the time and effort he put in to his army. We’re still waiting for 2019s AoS heat dates, but we’ll both be there again, propping up the bottom tables.


As we hit the middle of the year, there was a change of pace as I had my first game of the new version of Saga. I really enjoyed the first version and the second edition really tightens up the game and makes it even better. As previously mentioned, with the introduction of the new Battles book, there are now even more scenarios to play, so will hopefully get my Skraeling on the table pretty soon.


Age of Sigmar got a second edition in the summer of 2018 and in July I tried it out with my Bonesplitters, against Elliot’s Tzeentch and Stormcast. So far I have enjoyed the new version, even if I haven’t played it as much as I’s like to. The introduction of the realm rules and malign sorcery really added a whole new dimension to the game, although outside of tournaments, I haven’t really used any of the realm rules, but do occasionally roll out an Endless spell.


Another busy month, firstly with Blackout 2018, the first Age of Sigmar 2 tournament I would go to this year. I was a momentous occasion as it was the first time that my Fimir army hit the table outside of  a couple of trials at the club. I did only get two wins out of five games, but was extremely happy with how they performed, with the losses being close games. I was also really happy that my hard work paid off, getting a painting nomination, and only missing out on a trophy by one vote!

August also saw the release of Age of Sigmar Champions, a really good and super addictive card game. Since the App went live I haven’t played that many games with my physical deck, but with some more tournaments on the horizon, it will be packed in my bag, ready for any downtime between games.


I took a trip to Warhammer World in September, but not to play any games, instead I went with my wife to see a dinosaur exhibition, and popped in while we were there. My wife was more impressed with Bugman’s Bar and their curly fries than the dinosaurs, and a return trip is on the cards next year.

I also went to a 1000 point Age of Sigmar tournament in Bristol with my Slaaneshi Daemons, and had four really good games. Once again I was destined to mid table mediocrity, but did manage to win best painted army, which was a bit of a surprise. With the expected release of a whole new range of Slaaneshi Daemons on the horizon, I am planning to repaint most of my army, so hopefully will be able to pick up another award in 2019


In my birthday month, I entered Armies on Parade with my Fimir, and although I won the best painted certificate, my hard work was not enough to pick up a medal. I’ll be returning next year, hopefully with my secret project, and now have a better idea of how to win the public vote. In my head my display is going to be epic, but there’s still ten months to go and nothing has been built or converted yet, so no promises.


As the end of the year approached, I again headed up to Warhammer world. I was fortunate to appear on Warhammer TV playing Warhammer 40,000 with my Slaaneshi Daemons against my friend, and new Warhammer TV host, Wade. The whole evening was really fun, and I hope to return next year.

Whilst in Nottingham I also attended the Eavy Metal Masterclass ‘Foundations of Excellence’ where I was shown how to edge highlight and paint skin to a world class standard. This was a really fun weekend where I learnt a great deal, and plan to put all my new techniques in to practice in 2019. I already have a Primaris Space Marine ready to undercoat and start in January.


The year is almost over, and in December I have been concentrating on getting my Death Guard finished. I have just one miniature left to do and am making good progress. Granted it is Mortarion the Primarch of the Death Guard, so it is quite an involving project, but so far I am happy with what I have done. With the new year approaching, my self set deadline of having him done by the end of the year is getting close, but very achievable. Look out of a new year’s update with a full army shot.

Well, that was a quick overview of how my year went, and looking back has brought back some amazing memories. I am really looking forward to 2019, with some new exciting projects planned, and with Games Workshop’s release schedule, who knows what else I will end up doing.

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