Operation: Man Cave Sell -a-thon

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You'd have thought with under a week to the South Coast GT I might have another update for you, however, I don't.

Last week I announced I had finished painting my army, so there's no new pictures for your this week. And sadly there was no practice game last club games night, so again no pictures. Don't worry I'll hopefully make up for it in a couple of weeks time with a full SCGT report.

Instead this week I've been mainly decorating my man cave, and as a result of this I have decided its time to have a clear out of all my stuff.
You can find all the stuff I am selling eBay if you click this Link

I've still got more stuff to list in the next couple of weeks, including some Man O War ships and some other kits, so please keep an eye out.

I'll see you all in a few weeks time, there will be no post next week due to the SCGT. Wish me luck!


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