Operation: Not Lizardmen

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It's time to reveal my newest Age of Sigmar project.
I've teased this a few times on social media, but never really given anything away, apart from it not being Lizardmen.

I don't like work in progress shots of my projects, which you can see from my Tyranid army that no one knew anything about until I revealed it earlier in the year, but after finishing the building of the back bone of this new army I though it about time that I showed it off so far.

I started off this army wanting to use the Fimir from Forgeworld in a new army, but not necessarily as the entire force. Mainly due to the one dimensional play style and the expense that it would cost me.


So with a little help from my friend 'Big Papa' Jon, I came up with a plan to fill the rest of my force with other Destruction units but make them look like Fimir.I started with a 2000 point Matched play list, which would be the basis of my army, and the crazy deadline of the South Coast Grand Tournament in April 2017. We'll see later if this deadline could be met.

After looking at potential models to base my 'Lesser Fimir' around I decided on the bodies and weapons of Seraphon Saurus Guard, and heads made from Genestealer heads. Not obvious bits to use, but with a good imagination and a lot of Green Stuff, this could be done.


Converting the 40 heads was the first step. to do this I carved out the front of the head, where the eyes and snout were, and inserted a round bead from a hobby shop, which would ultimately become the Lesser Fimir's single eye. This took some time, and surprisingly, caused minimal cuts to my fingers.


After attaching the eyes, a flap of Green stuff was placed over the eye to create the start of the top of the head, and the socket for the eye. This whole project is the first time I've used Green Stuff for anything other than filling gaps on models, so it was a massive learning curve.
'Big Papa' Jon taught me the way of using Clay Shapers and vaseline to help create the smooth finish you'll see through out the project.


After the initial part of the head was done, it was onto sculpting the snout, this was done in several stages,each one testing my patience.


After the nose was done, it was onto the back of the head, and then when all 40 were done, a bit of liquid Green stuff was used to tidy them up.


With all the heads now done, it was time to move onto the bodies. These were all done using Seraphon Saurus Guard, with all the excess spikes removed. Every scale was covered in Green Stuff, again done in stages to allow it to dry and to avoid me getting finger prints all over them.


With all 40 bodies complete, it was time to attach the heads, and then add necks. The heads were pinned on with a bit of paper clip and the necks sculpted on, again in two stages allowing for a bit more definition to be shown.


With the heads on, the figures were starting to take shape, but still needed a bit more imagination to get the full picture. The next stage was the arms and weapons.

I'd be using the Seraphon Saurus Gaurd for this too, but to make them look like the Forgeworld Fimir, they would have to be holding their weapons on two hands rather than just one. After a big purchase from Bits and Kits, I managed to get enough empty left arms to be able to do this.


Each hand had a hole drilled through to allow the brass rod to fit; the head and tail of the weapon were removed, and reattached to this new weapon shaft. The hands were removed at the wrists and reattached in the right position to hold the new double handed weapon.

After this , the next thing to do was to Green stuff up the shoulders, the gaps in the wrist joints and the ends of the weapons. Then the units would almost be there.


Each unit needed a command. The musician was just the drummer from the Saurus, the Champions both had a double ended weapon (ooh err!) which left the standard bearers which needed a little more work to give them both flayed skin banners, which you can see above.


And so they are now done. 40 Lesser Fimir, which will be used as Ironjaw Ard Boyz on the battlefield.

So what about the rest of the army?
Well I am about to start work on 20 Skinks, which will be Moonclan Grots, and Allarielle's Beetle which will eventually be a Thundertusk/Stonehorn, depending how I feel.
What about the Fimir you may ask, well I'll be picking up 21 of these at the Warhammer World open day, to make in to 3 units of 6. I'll need to convert them to get a command group, but that should be child's play compared to the stuff I've already done. The other 3 will be used to ride my Beetle/Thundertusk/Stonehorn.

The only thing I'll need then is some Heroes, which are as yet not forthcoming from Forgeworld. So my deadline of SCGT17 may look like an impossibility, and if no heroes are released it will be, I'm crossing all my fingers and toes in hope.

Right, must go, more building to do, oh and all the custom bases too...

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  1. Thanks for posting the step by step process. You did a great job and now I’m inspired to whip up a custom alien race! I really like how they are clearly “not lizardmen” visually.

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