Painting Fimir: part one

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Welcome to part one of my two day look at the stages I went through when painting my Fimir.

I have finally finished painting 18 of these, with just the three banners for the standard bearers to do to officially declare them 100% finished.

First lets look at painting the skin.

1. The Fimir's were undercoated with black spray

2. The base coat for the skin was three very thin coats of Death World Forrest

3. Shade with Athonian Camoshade. I do this twice, but both times painting it in to the recesses rather than brushing it all over.

4. The first highlight is 1:1 Death World Forrest and Elysian Green. I do this twice with a really thin coat, leaving the previously applied shade showing.

5.  The next highlight is pure Elysian Green

6. Another highlight, this time 2:1 Elysian Green and Ogryn Camo, this was only applied to hands, legs, feet and head.

7. The final highlight was just done on the more prominent places, such as knuckles and lips. This was pure Ogryn Camo.

Next up is the 'flayed skin' cloth that is draped over a lot of the miniatures.

1. First up is two or three thin coats of Bugmans Glow

2. The whole of the flash is then covered with a thin coat of Carroburg Crimson

3. A second shade is applied with Druchii Violet, this is painted in to the recesses

4. The first highlight is just thinned down Bugmans Glow, painted on leaving the shade provided by the previously used inks

5. Second highlight is 2:1 Bugmans Glow and Kislev Flesh

6. The final highlight is pure Kislev flesh, done just on the more extreme edges of the cloth.

Come back tomorrow and I'll go through how the metal and the finer details are done.

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