Painting Fimir: part two

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Yesterday I looked at how I painted the skin and the cloth on my Fimir, today I look at the metal and the details.


1. The metal was base coated with Balthasar Gold

2. The whole surface of the gold was then painted with Druchii Violet

3. After the shade the metal was repainted with Balthasar Gold, leaving the shade showing

4. The first highlight was Sycorax Bronze

5. And finally, the extreme edges were painted with Stormshost Silver

This now meant that the three main portions of the Fimir was painted. Below are some shots of the finished Fimir, alongside them I'll quickly run through how the other details were painted.

Weapon heads - Black undercoat, first highlight Skavenblight Dirge and then adding increasing amounts of Ushabti bone to the Dirge until pure Ushabti was used on the corners. This was then given a Nuln Oil gloss wash.

Claws and Bone = Ushabti bone base coat, a very thin wash of Agrax Earthshade applied all over the bone, then a more concentrated layer of Agrax applied in the recesses. This was then highlighted with a very thinned down Ushabti, which then had increasing amounts of white added, until pure white was used on the more extreme edges.

Eyes - Averland Sunset base, Yuriel Yellow then used, leaving Averland in the recesses, a black vertical line applied for the eye and then a very thin wash of Agrax Earthshade.

Straps - Doombull Brown base, this was washed twice with Agrax Earthshade, the highlighted with adding 50% Ushabti to the Doombull, then 75%.

Tongue - Xerus Purple basecoat, then adding 50% Evil Sun Scarlet, and then pure Scarlet.

Well that's it! You can find out how the bases were done by going here I have now started on Allerielle's Beetle which will be my Thundertusk, keep an eye out on my Twitter for updates on how that's going.

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