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Painting Mortarion, Daemon Primarch of the Death Guard

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I have finished painting Mortarion, Daemon Primarch of the Death Guard, so today on the blog I have a guide on how I went about painting him.

Whilst painting Mortarion I used the same colours and techniques I did on the rest of my Death Guard army, but in a lot of cases I did one or two extra highlights, or was a little more careful in the application. This was Mortarion would still fit in with the army, but the extra time and attention paid to him would make him stand out from the normal infantry. Although his size and ample wingspan could have probably done that on its own.


Mortarions aremour was pretty straight forward. Starting from a black undercoat, infact the whole model was done over black, I applied two coats of Typhus Corrosion, waiting for the first to fully dry before applying the second.

Once the layers of Typhus were dry I lightly drybrushed Ryza Rust all over the armour, again I did this twice with very light brush strokes, so that the orange wasn’t too bright.

Once fully dry the next step was to wash all the armour with Agrax Earthshade. Be careful no to do this too heavily otherwise it will pool, but not too light that you need to do a second coat. If you find you do need a second coat, its not the end of the world.

Although I didn’t do the chipping on the armour until a lot later in to the process, to do this I used Stormhost Silver which was caefully applied on areas that would generally get scuffed, or rubbed against as well as any extreme points or edges.


All the areas of bone, from the scythe handle to the skull on Mortarion’s knee were done in the same way.

Firstly the whole area was painted with Ushabti Bone in some cases I did two coats to make sure I had a smooth clean finish. Next the whole area was washed with Agrax Earthshade.

Once the ink was dry I started highlighting up the bone, starting with very thinned down Ushabti Bone , leaving just the very deep recesses and some of the more darker areas the colour stained by the Agrax.

I continued to highlight up these areas by adding increasing amounts of White Scar to the Ushabti Bone, until I used pure White Scar on the extreme edges.


All areas of metal were base coated with Stormhost Silver, before being given a wash of Nuln Oil. Once Dry I then gave the metal areas a wash of Agrax Earthshade. Once this second was was dry I used Nihilakh Oxide in select areas of the metal.


The areas of black in a lot of cases were done at the same time as the metal, as the pipes had a lot of exposed wiring and piping on them.

Flom the black undercoat and any tidying up done with Abaddon Black , I added increasing amounts of Ushabti Bone to highlight these areas, and in some cases uses a little dot or mark of pure Ushabti Bone on the extrme edges. Once dry I washed it all with Nuln Oil.

Flesh and Nurgling Skin

Mortarions face and the skin of the Nurglings were done in the same way. Starting with a base coat of Cadian Fleshtone they were then washed with Reikland Fleshshade.

Once dry I highlighted the skin with increasing amounts of Ushabti Bone added to the Cadian Fleshtone, and again in some cases I would go all the way up to pure Ushabti

On Mortairion’s face, I applied a very thinned down Khorne Red wash around the eye sockets and upper part of the nose. His eye balls were base coated with a mix of Cadian Fleshtone and Thunderhawk Blue before a White Scar dot was added.

Purple on the Wings

The purple on the wings was straight forward, staarting with a base coat of Xereus Purple, I then added increasing amounts of Ushabti to the Xereus to highlight. Getting brighter the closer you get to the tips.


Apart from the wings, all green areas were done as follows. A base coat of Caliban Green was used, before Nuln oil was applied into the recesses to give it a dark shade.

To highlight, increasing amounts of Ushabti was added to the Caliban Green, and as with much of my highlights, in some areas pure Ushabti was used on extreme points and edges.


The green of the wings was done a bit differently to the rest of the green, but did follow a simialr pattern.

The base coat was two parts Caliban Green to one part Ushabti Bone, this was then shaded with a really thinned down Caliban Green which was placed down the edges of the fingers of wings and in the recesses. I then used a 50/50 mix of Caliban Green and Abaddon Black as a deeped shade, and then a final shade of pure Black in some of the bigger indentations of the wings.

Once all the shading weas done, I added increasing amounts of Ushabti to the base coat mix, hightlighting ridges, edges of the holes and the very edges of the wings. On the holes I held the wing as it would be on the model and only highlighted the lower edges, where the light would come down and hit it. This helped give the wings more of a 3d feel.


The cloth was base coated with several thin coats of a 50/50 mix of White Scar and Ushabti Bone. This took a while to get smooth and clean, but was worth the effort.

The first shade was pure Bone which was then follwowed up with selected placing of Reikland Fleshshade.

Once all the shading was done, the cloth was highlighted with several layers of pure white, trying to get a smooth a finish as possible.


The areas of green warp flame were achieved by first washing the selected areas with Waywatcher Green , a second application of ink was done once the first layer was fully dry.

Next I used Warpstone Glow on the tips of the flames, this was applied thinly to help the transition of the lighter green for the ink washes. I then used Caliban Green towards the tips of the green and in some place used black on some of the more extreme tips.

Finally I went back over the flames with white on some of the more pronounced areas that werent tips of flame.

That pretty much covers all the areas of this massive model. I enjoyed painting it for the most part, and it didn’t take as long as I thought it would. Now I get to take him in to battle and watch him die repeatidly. I will be taking him to the Warhammer 40,000 GT Heat 4 in February, so if you’re up there come and say hi.

Now that I’ve finished my Death Guard army, which comes in at around 2500 points, I am moving on to new projects. First up I am going to take what I learnt at the Eavy Metal Masterclass and have a go at an Ultramarine Primaris, whilst building models for other projects, look out for tweets and Instagram posts of my progress.

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