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I've been painting miniatures at a feverish rate over the last 6 months, but only to, in my opinion a table standard. I've tried many times to paint an army to my best standard, which I think would be very high. Not Golden Daemon standard, but good enough to get me a painting nomination at a tournament.

So why haven't I?


My newest army is my Tyranids, below, and these started off as a potential for an army that would be painted to the best of my ability, but this soon fell through, and my 'completed' army is now another tabletop standard affair.

I've found I tend to do a test model to a decent standard and really enjoy doing it, but then when I start to churn out the rest of the army, I get impatient and the standard decreases, resulting in a mediocre result.


I know I cant paint to a high standard, and I have had many painting nominations, mainly at Blood Bowl events, and most recently at a Guild Ball tournament where I did win best painted team. So maybe I'm more suited to smaller collections of models, each being an individual, rather than a collection of similar looking models? Well my next project will show if I can stand the test of time and do a full army

WP_20160403_001 1

Now that I have 4 playable Age of Sigmar forces, and half a dozen 40k ones. I have decided that it is about time that I did an army to show off my skills..

I wont divulge exactly whats in this force, but it will be for Age of Sigmar, and it will test not only my painting skills but my green stuffing ability too. Luckily I have a number of club colleagues who will be able to give me some hints and tips, and spur me on to do the best that I can.

WP_20160403_002 1

With a full army in mind, I have also decided that I'll try my arm at Golden Daemon. I wont be walking away with the Slayer Sword, but I think having a go and seeing what happens is the best way to improve. Not only will other people get to see my work, but I will hopefully be able to get some good feedback and improve my skills.

Again, I wont divulge what I have in mind, but hopefully you'll like it.

WP_20160521_020 1

So once again, I find myself saying that its time to paint stuff to the best level I can, its been said before, but this time I mean it.

Check back soon to see what I've been up to.

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