Painting the Great Unclean One

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He's finally finished, and didn't take as along as I thought he would! Huzzah!

WP_20160619_010 1

After getting him undercoated, next was the paint pot draining skin. As with the rest of my Nurgle, this was a 50/50 mix of Cadian Flesh and Nurgling Green. This was washed with the latest Games Workshop flesh ink (I cant remember what it is called but I'm sure you can work it out for yourself). The first highlight was a drybrush of the basecoat but this time 75/25 in favour of Nurgling Green, with a final highlight of pure Nurgling Green.

WP_20160621_001 1

Next it was onto the horns, and undercoating them black was the next exciting job. Once done I drybrushed the horns, adding progressively more Bone paint to the black all the way up to pure bone. WP_20160622_001 1WP_20160624_001

With the two biggest parts of the model done, it was on to all the details. Scorpain green for the tongues and tendrils, again adding more and more white to it all the way up to pure white.

The pustules were coated with a really thin coat of what was Blood Red. There were a lot of these, so it took a long time and I did keep missing them, but got most of them in the end.
Once dry a thinned down mustard yellow was dotted on each lump, and then I added a bit of white and did it all again.
Other details like the skulls, straps, metals, eyes and teeth well all done as well.

WP_20160625_001 1

And eventually, the end was in site and I started work on the base. This was done separately so that the Nurglings could be done and so that the massive body of the GUO didn't get in the way.

WP_20160626_001WP_20160626_003And there you go, he's finished and so, for the time being, is my Nurgle force. I will return to this in the near future and add some more bits to get it to the magic 100 SCGT points, or what ever 2000pts of GW points will be once the rules come out.
This could be Skaven, Chaos Warriors, or more Daemons, we shall see....

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