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Its been too long again, but then I haven't really had much of show off since last time. So here is some of the stuff I mentioned that I had painted in my last post, as well as something I did from start to finish today.


Above you will see my newest Tyranid additions, and as you may have guessed, there are plenty of magnets involved to allow me to have a Toxicrene and Maleceptor


The snow basing theme continues, here the Maleceptor is stood on the missile launcher arm of a dreadnought.


I didn't realise how big these new beasties are until I put them in the cabinet with the rest of my force. Also looks like I'll need to hunt for more pots of orange paint, I don't have much left, and although I don't have plans to add anything new to my Tyranids in the short term, I'm sure 8th edition 40k will change that


Finally the biggest addition is the Mawloc. Another great kit, but you can really feel how old it is compared to the other kits when building it. The claws are built a little differently, and have evolved to a better lighter slim line version of themselves in the newer kits.

vileIts not just Tyranids I've been painting, above you can see a completed Vileswarm for Guild Ball. I have a tournament at the end of October and hoping to use him and Veteran Graves. I have started Vet Graves, and hopefully have them both done in time for the end of the month.

Speaking of tournaments, I have a few lined up, and even more penciled in. I'll probably talk about them in my next post, which will hopefully be next week.

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