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This Saturday I attended Partners in Chaos, an Age of Sigmar doubles event, hosted by Gary and Andy from the Age of Sigbrah podcast.
I went with Elliot, my only AoS playing club mate, with the unusual combination of Nurgle and Stormcast. A meat shield and plenty of shooting, well that was the plan.

We decided to stay over on the Friday night before, rather than getting up at the crack of dawn on the Saturday morning, unfortunately the hotel we stayed in seemed to be more of a crack house, or brothel, or maybe both. Starting with Liz Macdonald on reception (Google that if you didn't watch Coronation Street or aren't English) and ending with being constantly being woken up in the night by Abby and her dilemma; to cheat on her boyfriend or not with however many men she had in her room last night. Turned out going to Mcdonald's at 3am may have been the best way to make a decision.

Below is a brief report of the games, clouded by a lack of sleep and a bad memory 🙂


After a McDonalds breakfast, not provided by Abby, we rocked up to the venue and got ready for game one, Blood and Glory, against 'Nurgel & Tzeephen' a combined Nurgle and Tzeentch force


We set up, what looked like a good defensive force of 20 Plaguebearers on our left flank, facing off against seom Chaos Knights, a Chaos Lord, some Chaos Warriors and an Ogroid Thaumaturge. What could go wrong.


The first 20 Plaguebearers met the Knights, but they soon ran way and moved on to the second line of pestilent warriors.


This second line of 'Bearers were joined by the Gret Unclean one, who cleaned house, but was it too little too late?


On the right hand side, the Putrid Blightkings made their way towards our right hand objective, whilst some of our enemies held on to their objective. Out of shot are also some Plagueflies, who wouldnt go away.
As time ran out (only 3 turns sadly) the Stormcast Celestant Prime descended from the skies, but a misjudgement of distance meant that we were unable to grab an enemy objective and gain a draw. A minor loss for our unholy alliance, as we moved on to a pizza lunch.1

Game two was Escalation, against team 'Alcohol is not a thing', a combined Beastman and Khorne force.


We took first turn, and learning from our experience from game 1, which was our first ever game with this army, we combined a lot of the shooting at individual units, in order to whittle them down. The rest of the army ran as fast as its little legs would take it, towards the objectives.


The central objective was where all the action happened with 20 Plaguebearers with Mystic Shield sitting there for almost all of the game.


The speed of the Beastmen, meant that they were on us pretty quick. Taking our right most objective with no real defence. Meanwhile we concentrated on the unguarded left objective and the hotly contested central objective. 6

The points slowly ticked up, with the Nurgle forces forcing the Beastmen to take a lot longer than they had hoped to work through our forces.
As time ran out, the Prime made up for last game by wiping out 2 units of beasts on his own, only for the rest of our forces to be just out of range of pulling off a draw. The game ended with a 6-5 loss, but was great fun.


The final game of the day was Border War, against 'An Allegiance of Convenience' , more Chaos, and this time Pestilence and Tzeentch.


With the forces all set up, our opponents took the first turn and proceeded to rush forward to grab the objectives and claim the 5 points. Unfortunately for them they couldn't hit with any shooting or cast any spells. Had the dice gods deserted them at this late stage?


With the threat of the Pink Horrors splitting in to 2 Blue ones, the Nurgle and Stormcast forces refused to actually attack them, instead relying on superior numbers to grab the objectives


On the left flank, Mystic Shielded Plaguebearers once again held their own for almost 5 turns, taking everything that the Skaven could throw at them, whilst the victory points totted up.


With the Plaguebearers doing so well, the Great Unclean one made for the back objective and 4 points, taking out the Plagueclaw catapult as he went.


As the game entered its fifth and final turn, it was 13-13 in victory points, our opponents went first in this battle round and and managed a healthy 5 points, finally clearing our left hand objective.


Despite having a mountain to climb to get the 6 points needed to win, and the Keeper of Secrets doing his best to get in the way, the combined shooting of our force shot off the Blue Horrors holding the objective, and the Great Unclean one went on to claim the 4 points, combined with the 2 on out right flank, and the 1 for our home one. Finally a win!

So the day was over, and although we wouldn't be going home with any of the great prizes, we had managed a win and three great games. Imagine what would have happened if we'd won more than the 1 out of 10 priority rolls we made; it took until out 9th roll before we won one too!

Thanks to Gary and Andy for a great event, and all the players for making it a great Saturday. Next up Tomorrow Burns in March, just have to decide on what army to take.

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