Party for Papa Nurgle

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The sun was out this weekend, so in between enjoying the sun and painting more commission work, I managed to get a group shot of my Nurgle Daemons.

WP_20160702_005 1

The whole force actually hasn't taken that long to complete; half of it was painted for Warhammer 8th edition and was actually part of the Battle Brothers army that helped me and my team mate Elliot finish unbeaten a few years ago.
These already painted figures were re-based on to 32mm rounds and then added to by getting a Start Collecting Daemons of Nurgle box. I also picked up a Glottkin from Bits and Kits, which was fun to build with no instructions!

WP_20160702_006 1

The skin for all of the models was painted in the same way, luckily when it came to adding models to the army I remembered how I had done it on the orginal models. The base coat was a 50/50 mix of  Nurgle's Rot and Cadian Fleshtone, this was then washed with  Reikland Fleshshade. Once dried the based coat was heavily drybrushed onto the model, this time 75.25 in favour of Nurgle's Rot. Finally Nurgle's Rot was used as a last highlight.

WP_20160702_008 1

The pustules on were done by washing the general area with a really watered down Wild Rider Red and then a single of dot Averland Sunset placed in the middle of the raised area. In the case of the Great Unclean One, a bit of Ushabti Bone was added to give it a bit more of a highlight.

WP_20160702_009 1

The Rot Flys were my least favourite models to build and paint, with the wings taking forever to stay in place and blacking out the carapace taking forever after they were undercoated white. The membranes were just a thin flesh Fleshtone mix over the undercoat.

WP_20160702_010 1

The Nurglings were perhaps the easiest things to paint, and with loads of spares on every sprue I have plenty popping up all over the place, mainly on the Great Unclean One's back and base.

WP_20160702_011 1

I'm very happy with the way this army has turned out and i've had the chance to work out how many points this force is using the new Generals Handbook, and to hit the magical 2000 points I will be getting another 20 Plaguebearers and a Beast of Nurgle.

So once again a finished army is not truly finished, and when I do get the last few bits done I will move on to the next army.
My Seraphon and Slaanesh Daemons are done, as are my Bonesplitter Orruks (although the listings in the Generals Handbook suggest new units on the horizon) so next I'll be looking at something completely different, watch this space...


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