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A break from miniature painting updates this week, for a few reasons really. Firstly I'm only a few tanks into some Team Yankee American tanks for a friend and secondly, due to the imminent release of the Age of Sigmar Bonsplitterz Battletome I have been hastily sorting out my army for the upcoming Rain of Stars tournament in Weymouth; with the new battlescrolls, I have had some changes to make. More of this in a future post.

Anyway, to the matter in hand. Last Sunday, alongside my wife, I visited some friends for a day of board games. As usual it was a hard choice of what to take from my ever growing library of games.


In the end we decided to play our newest purchases, and for me that meant games that I bought expansions for at the recent UK Games Expo.

In no particular order, here is what we played, firstly Camel Up, with the expansion this game has become a lot harder when predicting the winning camel, and the ability to add extra dice means that you can now screw over your fellow players more than ever before, and with clever placement of the camera and tiles that give -1/+1 move the money can come pouring in.
In our game this time, three camels broke away from the pack, but predicting which one would win was a guessing game, and surprisingly it wasn't the one we first went for!


A favourite game of ours to fill the gaps before a half time meal, or something to warm us up at the start of the session is Love Letter. This is simple game of deduction, skill and a bit of luck is good fun, and being eliminated doesn't usually mean you have to wait around to have another go as a winner is soon declared.


Another game that I got the expansion for is Five Tribes. This is a game that when you first set it up looks as if it is going to be really hard to play, but the opposite is true. Once you get the idea of what you are doing, the game quickly turns into a fast paced affair, with a lot of differing ways to win. The expansion adds a few more elements that extends the length of the game, but introduces a even more ways to screw over your friends


During the day we played another game from Days of Wonder called Quadropolis. I first played this at the UK Games Expo, and was lucky that two of the people I went with bought it, saving me money, but not stopping me playing it as often as I can.
Quadropolis is a game about creating a city, think Sim City but without the chances of being attacked by Godzilla. Again this is another game that looks complicated at first glance, but once you have the idea, it turns into a face paced fun game. We played two games of this, and I won both, heavily outscoring my opponents. I have a tactic that I like, and I'm sticking to it until someone works out what I'm doing


Another new game we played was the Thunderbirds game, which turns out to be very much like Pandemic, which shouldn't surprise you as it was made by the same person.
Much like Pandemic, you have to work together to save the word, while avoiding disaster and the many ways in which the game can beat you. Unfortunately we got a good kicking, as we concentrated on one way to win, and then were beaten by one of the many ways to lose! Not F.A.B, although the game wasn't too bad


Finally on our list of games for the day was Toc Toc Woodman. Think Jenga with attitude. In this game you use a plastic axe to hit a tree. Each part of the tree is made of of segments that each have four pieces of bark. The idea is to get the pieces of bark to fall off without the sections of trunk falling off. Its a great game, that again would fill that spot at the start or end of a session, or if you need a light hearted game after something more serious.


Well there you go, it was an action packed Sunday with loads of great games. Next time we'll go through thhe tough time of deciding what to play, probably something that hasnt been out for a while like 7 Wonders, Catan or King of Tokyo.

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