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Welcome to day two of the first of, hopefully, many blog post weeks released alongside an epidsode of Binx’s Hobby Podcast. Yesterday I introduced the podcast and what we hope to be doing going forward. Today in day two I show off some of the hobby projects both myself and Elliot discussed in part two of episode one of the podcast

If you haven’t listened to the podcast it can be found HERE, hopefully it will make its way on to other platforms as and when I can get them released.

If you have been a follower of this blog over the last few months you would have seen that I have endlessly been working on my Fimir Project. Over the last couple of weeks I have managed to finish all the bronze on the 18 Forgeworld Fimir that I have, and have now moved on to all the straps.

Now that the three big sections of the miniatures; (skin, flayed skin ‘cloth’ and bronze, are all done, it’s a clear run to the finish line. After the straps I have the teeth and claws, eyes and weapons to do. The aim is to have them done by the end of April, but we’ll see how that goes.

Necromunda Gang:
In between paint stages of the Fimir I built myself a custom Necromunda gang, consisting of parts from Ad Mech, Genestealer Cult, Catachan Jungle Fighters and Imperial Guard.

They still need a bit of Green Stuff work, but the bulk of the building is done. I’m not decided on what gang they’ll represent, I guess it will depend which on will allow the weapon loadout I have chosen.

Dark Angel Successor Primaris Marine:
As a side project I have also tested my painting skills py painting a Primaris Marine. I really liked painting the Dark Angels on the bases of my Tyranids and wanted to see if I could do proper edge highlighting. Here is the results of my efforts. I’m very happy with the result, but know I can improve.

Death Guard:
I’ve also been building a Death Guard force, which started with the miniatures from the 40k starter set and has rapidly grown since. My latest purchase has been Mortarion and he is built and will be painted in sub-assemblies when I eventually get round to it.

You may have already seen my colour scheme test, I’m looking forward to painting the rest of the army like this.


Elliot has been working hard on getting his Tzeentch done in time for the Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament Heat 2. Below you can see his Lord of Change. I'll be showing off more of his force in our battle report in 2 weeks time.


Come back tomorrow to see a follow up to the ‘unboxing’ review of White Dwarf April 2018

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