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Last year, in an attempt to shift some unwanted pounds, I started going running a few times a week. Unfortunately, my knees didn't like this new direction in fitness and rebelled. The running stopped, the dream of getting fit again died.

But now its back!
After reading something Stephen Fry wrote about how he lost lots of weight going for walks whilst listening to audio books, I decided that this would be the way forward, but instead of audio books I am listening to podcasts.

Not only am I going for a brisk hour long plus walk every other evening now, but I am also filling my mind with useful hobby tips from those who fill the airwaves with their thoughts.

So who are these voices I hear in my head?


The first podcast on my list was Heelanhammer. I started listening to Dan, Wayne and occasional special guests just as Games Workshop released Age of Sigmar, and as the internet exploded with hate, found these guys to have a much more positive outlook on the reinvention of the Warhammer World.

If you're fed up with reading on forums how much everyone hates Age of Sigmar and would like to hear what it can really bring to your wargaming hobby, give them a listen.
If you really get hooked on their chatter, why not sign up to their SAWC feed for even more content. Its well worth it.


Another AoS podcast I have listened to is The Bad Dice Podcast. Now I have only had chance to listen to one of their episodes, but with my increased walking schedule, I have plenty lined up to keep me going.


When I started Playing Guild Ball I was looking for a podcast to listen to and the first one that I subscribed to was Guild Ball Tonight.
Hosted by Phil and Bill in the USA, this podcast is full of useful information for new and seasoned Guild Ball players, ranging from news and reviews through to event coverage and special guest interviews.


My other Guild Ball podcast of choice is Who Cares Who Wins. This more adult podcast is hosted by Northerners Chris and Britcon winner Steve. This funny foray into the Guild Ball world, is hosted by two very successful tournament players. Their show is full if interesting segments that can only help improve your Guild Ball games, and also broaden your mind in ways you would never have thought of.

Well that's the four podcasts I currently listen to, and I know there are plenty of others that could add to my play list. Time permitting I have the below shows on my radar, hopefully they'll be a valued addition to my Podcast Fitness Regime

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