Rain of Stars

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Yesterday me and Elliot at Rain of Stars, an Age of Sigmar tournament organised by Chris Tomlin, host of The Black Sun podcast.


After an interesting night in Weymouth which saw me win 500 tickets on an Angry Birds game, and Elliot catch some Pokemon on the prominade before were were entertained with the pounding bass from the hotels neighbouring clubs and pubs until 3am, we hit the road, once the bridge came down.


The draw for Round one had been done a few days previous, so I already knew I would be facing the might Russ Veal in round one, so knew a win would be had to come by. We deployed with my Bonesplitterz facing off against a mighty Khorne force. Two fighty armies, it was going to be a blood bath.


I got a good start in the game and was 3-1 in objectives early on, but this didnt last long and the slow grind didnt favour the Orruks, as the hard hitting Khorne slowly reduced the greenskins numbers down.


In the end I was wiped out for a major loss, but had an enjoyable game, even though I was off to the bottom table.

Game two was against Adam Aelford and his beautiful Tzeentch Daemons. We had played before, as the South Coast GT, where he had used is Khorne force, which this time was being 'raffled' off for charity.


As you can see from the picture above, I outnumbered Adam's force considerably, but was surprised by the damage output of Flamers, as my Arrow boys were deleted in turn one. After this shock I flew my Boar Boy Maniaks into combat with two units of flamers, and exalted flamer, wiping them out in one round of combat.

In fact this is how the rest of the game went, Adam shot me with everything, killing greenskins with ease, while I smashed him in combat. In the end, the Big Stabbas did the damage and finished the game off by killing the Lord of Change. A Major victory to me.


Final game of the day was against Patrick Rance and his Lizards and a 5 Stormcast. This turned out to be a stupidly close game where I would be annoyed by Mystical Terrain.

Turn one I rolled a 1 for three units, meaning I couldn't move and thus robbing me of at least 2 victory points, and I failed 6+ to cast Hand of Gork. Patrick the rubbed salt in the wound by rolling a triple 6 to get a bonus free turn.Despite all this, with just Patrick to have his final turn I was 5 pts up and had 3 Big Stabbas on his home objective that he needed to kill to draw the VPs and win on Kill Points.

Sadly for me, he managed to do this, and went on to get a minor vicoty. The most had fought of the games on the day, and one I feel let escape me.

So that was the weekend as gaming goes, three very different games, but enjoyable none the less. Out of the nine AoS tournament games I've now had only one hasnt been fun, a testament to how great Age of Sigmar is in keeping you in the game at all times and making both players experience fun all the way from the first dice roll to the last.

Finally, a big thanks to my opponents on the day, all the organisers and everyone else who was there.

See you at the next one

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