Reinforcing the Tyranid swarm

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As you may have seen I recently ‘finished’ my Tyranid army. When new 40k came out and the Indexes were released I hastily added up the points of my existing Tyranids, which were about 1750 points in old money to see how close I was to the magic 2000 points of a matched play games in the new edition.

After adding up my list under the new points, I was pleased to see that I could easily fit my in all my my current painted Tyranid collection, but would have room for some more beasties.


I decided that I would add 16 Genestealers and a Broodlord to my collection to get them to the magic 2000 points, and keep the theme of no guns in my army, just close combat and psychics.

When buying new miniatures there are a range of places to buy your toys, directly from Games Workshop of course, but there is an ever growing collection of independent retailers who will offer you a tantalising discount. My online retailer of choice is Triple Helix Wargames.


You may have seen my review of their website a few months ago and after praising their web store, I thought it would be a good idea to review the actual process of buying from them.

As I’ve previously blogged, the website is easy to use and I soon had the products I wanted in my basket (2 boxes of Genestealers and Broodlord).
Completing the task of filling in all of your details, registering or logging in is straight forward, and you'll soon be saying goodbye to your cash and waiting for the postman to arrive.

One thing Triple Helix doesn’t have that other sites I have used in the past do have, is a live stock level indicator. However, if like me you are rarely in a rush to get those toys through your front door, Triple Helix make sure that you are fully informed if anything is out of stock and how long it will take to get to you. If they do have what you’re after they aim to get it out the door within 24 hours, which Royal Mail and Bank Holidays depending, should be with you pretty swiftly.

Everything you could want to know, is well covered in their FAQ section of the webstore, so if you're not sure, give it a quick read.


On this occasion part of my order was not immediately available, but I received an email within minutes of my order to advise me of what would happen next.

If for any reason Triple Helix don’t have what you’re after, they place their orders to suppliers on Mondays and get their stock in on Thursdays, aiming to have it on the road within 24 hours. So for those who don’t want their miniatures yesterday, there isn’t too long a turn around before it is on its way to you.
This may be a little annoying to some gamers out there, but in exchange for the slightly longer wait, they do offer an excellent 25% discount off Games Workshop products, all year round and don't just offer an increased discount not just on pre orders like some stores do.

So my Tyranid reinforcements arrived safe and well, and are now ready to have their first outing on the tabletop very soon. I'll hopefully be able to report back how well it goes.

Gaming Hall

I’m hoping to take my Tyranid force to the Games Workshop 40k Grand Tournament heat 3 in February. I have my ticket and once the Tyranid Codex comes out, I’ll be hoping I don’t have to make too many amendments, but if I do I know where I’ll be ordering the extra models from.

If I don’t use my Tyranids, maybe I’ll have my Death Guard army up and running, but that depends on what plague ridden goodies turn up from Triple Helix between now and then.

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