Review: Konflict ’47 Kodiak close assault walker

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And now for something slightly different.

Triple Helix Wargames were kind enough to send me a model to review. If you are a regular visitor to my blog, or have listened to my new podcast you will know that I mainly play Games Workshop games. I have though, in the past, played a much wider range of table top games, and have previously dipped my toe in the world of historical gaming.

Some historical games I have enjoyed, such as Bolt Action, Saga, Dux Bellorum and Musket & Tomahawk, some I haven’t, such as Chain of Command. I don’t own any World War two miniatures anymore, so haven’t played anything set in this time period for a long time, but have considered having another look, but just haven’t had inclination to do yet, until Triple Helix sent me this review miniature.

The United States Kodiak close assault walker for Konflict 47 isn’t technically World War two, but as the game shares most of the rules of Bolt Action, its close enough for me to get interested. Today I will look at the miniature itself, and then later on when I get chance to paint it up I will do a follow up blog post.

The box itself was quite light, and without reading any of the information on the box, I assumed this was a plastic miniature. Turns out when I opened it, it was a combination of resin and metal pieces, delivered in two blisters within the box.

The pieces didn’t appear to need much cleaning up, and there was a lack of flash, or spare resin that you sometimes find on Forgeworld kits.

On closer inspection some of the casting wasn’t perfect with the presence of some mould lines and unfortunately, in places, some misaligned casting. I did manage to tidy most of this up with a modelling knife, and as this kit costs a lot less than a Forgeworld resin kit of similar size you can understand why the Games Workshop prices are that much higher.

The instructions for building the miniature were on the back of the box, and although it was a very simple kit to build there were times where I found myself double and triple checking I had the body the right way round and that I was gluing the metal ‘skirt’ in the right place.

Everything went together pretty easily, the only issue I had was with the legs, as they are loose fitting ball and socket joints that don’t have any specific positioning, and thus the contact points for gluing aren’t perfect. Once on the base though, the whole miniature felt a lot more robust and will hopefully hold up to any transportation. If anything does fall off though, it will be very easy to reattach, with maybe the exception of the metal guns.

So in conclusion, as a kit, it’s pretty easy to build, and depending on how fussy you are with some of the mould lines and minimal ‘mis-casts’ it looks awesome on my painting desk, towering over a Primaris Space Marine.

I’ll get this guy sprayed up soon, hopefully with some American armour spray, and will show off how I painted him in the a future blog post. I’ll hopefully be having a game of Konflict 47 very soon and will report back on how it does on the battlefield.

Again, a bit thank you to Triple Helix Wargames for sending me this miniature to review, you can purchase a whole range of Konflict minitures off their site, where you can get a 20% discount off the RRP.

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