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Hi everyone!

The hotly anticipated Warhammer 40,000 8th edition goes on pre-order on Saturday 3rd June and everyone and their dog will be diving onto the internet at 10am to get their hands on the new hotness.

Where will I be pre-ordering, you ask? And if you weren't asking I'll tell you anyway, I'll be getting my new starter box from Triple Helix Wargames


I order a lot of my miniatures and games from these guys and gals, the main draw being the awesome 25% discount they offer on most Games Workshop products as well as the great customer service they have always provided.

If you're still deciding where to get your 8th edition 40k fix, or any other GW and historical stuff, let's see what they have to offer on their website.

As a day job, when I'm not frequenting Twitter when no one's looking, I test websites, so I knows what I likes, and I likes the Triple Helix homepage. It's bright, inviting and easy to navigate. Look, you can pre-order the new edition of 40k on the 3rd of June, who knew!?


What I like is that the website has no confusing menus, or buttons that you think are links but turn out not to be; this is a simple and effective page layout allowing you to get where you want quickly and with minimal fuss.

Click on Warhammer 40K and boom everything is there for you, divided into sections. Rules, Start Collecting boxes, terrain and individual armies. Could it be any simpler? Just the way I like it.


Like I said earlier, I'll be grabbing my 8th edition starter set from here because of the great saving. 25% is an amazing discount, and with some of the deals that Games Workshop already do on their Start Collecting sets, the combined savings become insane.

£37.50 for a Dark Eldar Start collecting box, which has an RRP of £64.50 when bought individually, is about a 42% saving. It's an amazing deal that if I didn't already have a massive Dark Eldar force, I'd be on in a shot.


As you'd expect from a great website like this one, there are pages to answer your frequently asked questions, such as how long it'll take for your new toys to arrive, through to what to do if they don't list a product you would like. If I were to be a bit critical, links to this information are hidden away right at the bottom of the page, or within a easily missed 'burger menu' at the top of the site.


Finally, and quite importantly in this modern world where everyone lives on their mobiles and tablets, the Triple Helix website is also responsive, meaning unlike some other web stores, it's as easy to navigate on the move as it is at your desktop. They also have an app, but this is only on Android devices at the moment, so as I don't have an Android phone I can't tell you how good or bad it is, but once it's on IOS I'll let you know.

I'll be back soon with another gaming article, covering my trip to Warhammer Fest, The UK Games Expo and to the Bristol Smash Age of Sigmar tournament, which is this weekend. Until then, I'm off to go build some new models that Triple Helix kindly sent me for writing an honest review.




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