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If you're a regular listener to Binx's Hobby Podcast you'll know that we're sponsored by Triple Helix Wargames who sell all your favourite Games Workshop products with up to 20% off RRP. If you're not a listener, you know about them now!

Triple Helix have just released an app for your IOS or Android device. and allowed me to have a sneak peak ahead of launch, so I can tell you all about it.

The app is divided into four sections, A Victory Tracker, Product Info, Articles & How To's and Events, below I'll go through all four to see what they have to offer.

Victory Tracker: 
The Victory Tracker helps you track your in game points, be they Command and Victory Points in your games Warhammer 40,000, or Chaos specific summing points in your games of Age of Sigmar. There are also trackers for Magic the Gathering and Yu Gi Oh.
If you don't have access to a physical tracker, or are prone to using dice that get inadvertently rolled during the game, this feature on the app could be very useful.

Product Information:
Within the Product Information section you'll find quick links to all the new releases and existing products that you'll be able to purchase at discount from Triple Helix. Not sure what was released this week, just a quick trip to the app and you'll know what you can spend your money on.
This section of the the app also allows you to quickly navigate to the Triple Helix web-store when ever you need to pick up those hobby essentials.

The internet is full of articles to help improve your painting, practical guides on scenery building and expert advice on list building. The app has a section dedicated to these articles to help you improve your hobby skills, all located in one handy place, perfect for the new and experienced gamer.

Triple Helix Wargames not only have a web and a bricks and mortar store, but they also have space to host events and regular meet ups. Within the Events portion of the app you will find details of their next events and any tournaments or campaign weekends that they may be running.

Overall the Triple Helix App is a handy companion to all facets of your hobby life, from purchasing your new army with a great discount off RRP, on to help building and painting your army, then events you can take them to, and handy victory point trackers to use mid game. All packaged in a easy to use app that you wont be struggling to navigate through or taking up your precious time during your latest game.

You can download it now for free in the Apple Store or from your favourite Android app shop.

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