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With the imminent arrival of Warhammer 40,000 8th edition, Warhammer Live has been doing interviews about, and showing games of the new edition of 40k, every day. I've managed to keep on top of the interviews, and have a lot of the games to catch up on, but its been ace. So here is my review of Warhammer Live, and why you should or should not be watching it.


When Warhammer Live was first announced, I was interested but didn't think I would willing to pay £5 a month to watch some people play Warhammer and listen to some guys from Games Workshop talk about how great the games are. Surely it was going to turn out to be another glorified advert for GW products and like Finecast, would disappear quickly into the warp.

As it was free to watch the broadcasts live on Twitch I tuned into The Warlords Age of Sigmar event coverage and was soon hooked. I spent most of that weekend glued to my screen, watching people play AoS and listening to Rob and Eddie talk about what was going on.
Granted this first event coverage was a little hit and miss, as things happening on the table were missed, and the chat often didn't match what was actually happening. But to their credit, it was great viewing, and the interviews with competitors was really well done.


I still wasn't sure if I wanted to give up £5 of my money over to watch games of Warhammer being played, however as the weeks progressed, one aspect of the weekly broadcasts made me change my mind. The Thursday interviews.

Wednesdays were AoS day and at the time featured a narrative game followed by a competitive game, with Fridays being more or less the same of 40k. Thursdays though were mainly interviews and the main host Rob talking to people who asked questions in the linked chat. The interview that got me to subscribe was the first one done with Jes Goodwin; I had caught the end of it when I got home from work, and found it really interesting, so took the plunge and subscribed, and I haven't looked back since.

All the interviews I have listened to, including all the ones this week, have been really interesting, giving you an insight into how a miniature is designed, how it was painted, stories behind art work, or how they make those massive displays in the museum. Its like going to a Games Day of old, or Warhammer Fest and being able to talk to every member of staff for an hour. Something you cant do during an event, but something you can do now, especially if you subscribe as everything can be pulled back on demand.

My favourite interviews so far have been both of the Jes Goodwin ones, where it seems like hes really trying hard not to say things he shouldnt be and Duncan Rhodes's chat with Aidan Daly from Eavy Metal, which is really informative and gives some great ideas of new techniques to try. Go check them out!


Not only is Warhammer TV broadcast from Warhammer World, but they have even been on the road, visiting events such as Adepticon, The Las Vegas Open and The South Coast Grand Tournament. I was at SCGT and still haven't had chance to watch it all back, there's just so many hours of content to keep you entertained. I have though manage to catch myself on the SCGT coverage waiting for my 6th round opponent, my wife said it was like a surreal game of Where's Wally (Waldo for you Americans out there).


Finally, back to this and last week. Every day this week, Warhammer TV has been doing a series called First Blood, where they have been interviewing key members of all the teams involved in the new edition of Warhammer 40k, and then showing a game. Over the two weeks, they should have shown off every faction, and had interviews from everyone from the miniatures designers, the graphic designers through to the scenery builders; again there is so much content. There's even a 24 hour stream coming up on Saturday the 17th to celebrate the launch of the new edition. Best get that coffee ready! Luckily as a subscriber, I'll just watch it back later.

So there you go, from its slow and steady start, Warhammer Live just keeps getting better and better. Rob, Eddie, Dan, Duncan, John and the rest of the team are making this a great addition to the hobby, so if you haven't already go set up that subscription, and if you're an Amazon Prime member, you can have one free Twitch subscription, so wont have to pay any more money! There's no excuse!

Right I'm off to watch some more 40k, fingers crossed I might even get a chance to get on TV one day in the future, I'm sure it wont be nerve wracking at all.


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