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Welcome to day three of the first week of blog posts linked to an episode of Binx’s Hobby Podcast. Yesterday I looked at the hobby we have been up to. Today I share some further thoughts on White Dwarf April 2018 after our initial review on the podcast.

If you haven’t listened to the podcast it can be found HERE, hopefully it will make its way on to other platforms as and when I can get them released.

Idoneth Deepkin

If you've listened to the podcast,  you would have heard that the new miniatures initially inspire us. Now that I've looked more closely, they do look pretty good, but still as an army, are not something either of us will be looking to collect.

Since the podcast was recorded I have had chance to read 'The Ultimate Guide To..' article, and more specifically the background of this new race. Reading that the Deepkin are Teclis's failed project it will be interesting to see how well Tyrion did after Morathi's success with the Daughters of Khaine.
The idea that the lifespan of a typical Deepkin is very low and that they hunt for souls in order to prolong their life is interesting, and I look forward to see if their narrative fighting style is reflected on the board, especially them making short sharp attacks and then fading away in to the night.

I did cringe a bit at the mention of ethersea, hopefully not all of the new races with have ether tacked onto the start of another word to explain their mystery. It reminds me of Blood Angels in Warhammer 40,000 having all their unique weapons prefixed by Blood.

Necromunda Chaos Cultists

As i mentioned in the podcast, I have been using my Chaos Cultist in the few games of Necromunda I have played, and now with the release of actual rules, I can use them properly whilst I finish my custom gang.

Rather than just taking the word chaos on to the generic gang rules, this update really adds some flavour to the cultists. There is the option to perform rituals which give you bonuses depending on your Chaos God allegiance, or if you are unlucky could see a ganger turned in to a Chaos Spawn!

The Chaos Cultists also get access to Witches, and their witch powers, allowing you to increase your strength or even turn an opposing ganger insane, making them flee the battlefield.

Cant wait to get these guys on the board, here's a quick starting list I've knocked together

Cult Demagogue - Shotgun, sword
Cult Disciple - Heavy Stubber, Autopistol
Cult Disciple - Heavy Flamer, Autopistol
Cult Witch - Autopistol,
Cultist - Autogun
Cultist - Autogun
Cultist - Autogun
Cultist - Autogun
Cultist - Autogun
Cultist - Autogun

Tis is pretty similar to the 'Delaque' gang I've been using whilst playing with the Cultist models, I wil let you know how they fair when I next play.

Overall a pretty strong White Dwarf, to be fair, all the newer White Dwarfs have been pretty good. I must admit I do find myself not reading everything in them, usually just dribbling over the pictures.

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