Rise of the Death Guard part four

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Welcome to the final part look at my Death Guard force that I’ll be painting up in the new year. Over the last few days I’ve looked at the HQs, Elites and Troops of this force. Today is the turn of the Fast Attack and the Heavy Support.

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Foetid Bloat-Drone:

The Miniatures:
Taken from the Dark Imperium kit, these Drones were straight forward to build, if a little spiky, both armed identically with Plaguespitters

For such a decent sized kit there was a surprisingly small amount of pieces, and they were soon glued together. A few more mould lines than the rest of the kits, but not too difficult to get rid of. They are quite bulky but stand up with no problem, even with such a small contact point with their base, and are unlikely to fall over on the battlefield.

In game:
On the battlefield I see these following a Rhino each as an outrider to cover the advance of the Plague Marines. The duel Plaguespitters should make a mess of anything that gets too close, and with their 10" move, they should be able to redeploy a lot quicker than the rest of my army should anything go wrong.


Plagueburst Crawler:

Another kit that I don’t yet own, these tanks didn’t do it for me when I first saw them, but with pictures popping up all over the internet, and some decent rules to boot, I have made room for two of these in my list.

In game I see them hidden away at the back of my lines bombarding my enemy as the rest of my force slowly trudges their way across the battlefield. Not needing line of sight will help them as they can be tucked away and still drop their munitions on an unsuspecting enemy.

Well that’s it. My theoretical Death Guard list, it could of course all change after a few games, but I don’t see me changing the list too much as I think it looks pretty cool, and hopefully even better when it’s all painted up in its rusty colours.

A big thank you to Triple Helix Wargaming who have provided me with a number of the units in this army. You can click on the hyper links in the article to buy yourself some Death Guard. Let me know how you get on.

Maybe I’ll treat myself to a Mortarion at some point…

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