Rise of the Death Guard part three

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Welcome to day three of my Death Guard week here on the blog. Over the last few days I’ve looked at what has made the cut in regards to HQs and Elites choices, today it’s the turn of the Troops choices.

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Plague Marines:

The Miniatures:
I am going to have two units of seven Plague Marines in my army, both using the miniatures from the Dark Imperium box. One unit has been built exactly as shown in the instructions, I have even used one to try a test colour scheme on.

For the second unit I have made some subtle changes using left over parts from the Terminators and Deathshroud as well as plundering parts from Age of Sigmar Blight King sprues. I haven’t done anything too radical, just a few close combat weapon swaps, and the removal of some of the details, replacing them with other icons and the like. Hopefully this will help reduce the look of there being an army of clones, and provide a bit of a change when painting them.

Much like the rest of the kits I have built, they were joy to put together with minimal mould lines, mainly found in those hard to reach places.

In Game:
My Plague Marine units are both going to be going to war in Rhinos. With seven Death Guard in each Rhino there is room for some hangers on, currently just one Malignant Plaguecaster but depending on any changes, I may be able to add other characters if needed.

My plan for these is to trundle up behind my deep-striking terminators, heading for any objectives. With my more resilient units (not saying these aren’t resilient) tieing up the enemy, they should be able to make their way to their destination with out too much trouble.


For my third troops choice, I am currently thinking of using some Plaguebearers. They are pretty cheap in points and if I choose to summon them, should be able to appear in just the right place to either hassle my opponent or drop on to that vital objective.

As I have a sizeable Nurgle Daemon force of Age of Sigmar, these are already built and painted. The only issue I can see is them having different basing to the rest of my army. This means in the long run I may end up looking for an alternate Troops choice. Probably some more Plague Marines and another Rhino.

Rhinos:I don’t have any Rhinos at the moment, and these will probably be the last thing I buy. I would like to add some of the new Forgeworld Death Guard doors as they look really cool.

In game the Rhinos will be transporting the two or three units of Plague Marines and any characters who join them, into the teeth of the enemy

Tomorrow in the final part of my look at the Death Guard I will be looking at the Fast attack and Heavy Support Choices.

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