Rise of the Death Guard part two

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Welcome to day two of my look at the Death Guard army I am currently collecting and plan to paint in the first part of 2018. Yesterday I looked at the HQ choices I have in my list, today it’s the turn of the Elite Choices.

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Deathshroud Bodyguard:

The Miniatures:
The Deathshroud were the first models I built for my Death Guard outside of what comes in the Dark Imperium box. Although they aren't as easy to build as their ‘starter set’ companions, they could have easily been included as they are not as complicated as multi part kits such as Space Marine Tactical squads.

I haven't really built any of the new style kits, 40k or Age of Sigmar, but I was amazed at how well the really detailed parts go together in a way to hide most of the mould lines and joins.

There isn't much customisation in this kit, with the exception of a variety of heads and the ability to include an extra Plaguespurt Gauntlet on the champion of the unit. This isn't a major problem as this is a unit that you really wouldn’t have many of anyway.

So far in building my Death Guard, I can hand on heart say, these are the best kits I have had the pleasure of building. I look forward to see what the advances in miniature design brings to released in 2018

In game:
As the body of my Warlord, the Deathshroud will be deployed in the skies over the battlefield rather than on it. The plan is to have them drop with the Lord of Contagion in the midst of the enemies battle-line, protecting him as they charge in to combat. Their 2+ terminator armour save, 4+ invulnerable save and 5+ Disgustingly resilient save means that even if they face a lot of firepower they should be able to hold their own as they wade through the followers of the false emperor.

Blightlord Terminators:

The Miniatures:
The latest addition to my Death Guard are these Terminators. My second look at non Dark Imperium models, these are again a wonder of design and tooling.

A bit more customisable than their Deathshroud cousins, you can arm them with different heads, close combat weapons, and a choices of heavy and combi-weapons. I armed one of mine with the Flail of Corruption mainly because it looked cool, and from reading the rules, is pretty good in game too. Yes, the box comes with the rules in the instructions which is a really cool idea, saves buying the codex right away.

I was going to magnetise the heavy weapon options, but the arm joins made it that little bit more complicated than I could be bothered to get involved with, someone with more patience could easily do it, but in the end I went for the Plague Spewer over the other options as it looked the coolest.

Much like the Deathshroud, the kits ability to hid mould lines and joins was brilliantly executed, however there was a little more removal of mould lines than on the other kits.

In Game:
Another unit that I anticipate starting the game off the board, unless I get them a Landraider. I foresee these guys dropping into the enemy lines, unloading their mix of flamer, melta and plasma combi-weapons before charging in. Their 2+ save, with a 4+ invulnerable back up and the 5+ Disgustingly Resilient save ( there's a pattern here) means that they should be able to survive a lot of firepower, before the Flail of Corruption swings in to action.

Hopefully with a mass of really good tough Death Guard in their face, the rest of my army will be able to concentrate on objectives and help me win the game.

Tomorrow I’ll look at the Troops choices of my army.

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